Political Suicide

A letter of Opinion by Roger Warren

April 2010

In October 1929, a great recession began.  It was caused by the ability of Stock Brokers to purchase stock “on Margin”.  That is, pay 10% of the total price and owe 90%.  This worked for a long time, but one day the Banks ran out of money.  In part, because of high risk lending practices.  Frightened lenders began asking for payment of debt.  This is a simplified version of the cause of the lengthy and worldwide recession, incorrectly indentified as the “Depression”.  Depression has no financial meaning.  If the Federal Government had not became involved and simply allowed the market to correct itself, the recession would have ended sooner than December 7, 1942.

I told you all that, to set the background, so I could tell you this. In the ’30’s the Federal Governments of the civilized world, became viewed by the general populace as “A Magic Treasure Chest”, refilled by the IRS or their equivalent (all equally hated  and despised by people in all walks of life).  We knew then and know now that 90% of taxes are paid by less than 40% of the population.  But because of the jealousy of the “poor” for the “rich”, a great “Divide” occurred in our country.  This also occurred in Europe but that is their problem to solve. The Federal Government remained “A Magic Treasure Chest”. In the United States, the Democrats were in control.  They maintained their control by appealing to the prejudices of the time.  Dislike of Black people, Hatred for Jews and the view that anyone with dark hair and brown skin was lesser being.  This was also perpetrated in Europe but it is not our purpose to resolve this problem so let Europe solve it. The Mid East hated us then and continue to hate us today because of our religion.  It is the Mid East’s problem to resolve.

The “Rich” became viewed as selfish and uncaring Republicans.  Whatever it took to remain in office.  This jealousy of wealth is as prevalent today as it was in 1940, 50, or 60.  We had “A Magic Treasure Chest” that allowed the Congress and Administration unlimited spending power and allowed the Democrats to shift the prejudices of the time onto the Republicans.

The typical Congressman (Representatives and Senators), “D” and “R” knew the “Magic Treasurer Chest” was always refilled each year. How this happened they were not involved in.  They did not then and do not now, know how it happens and don’t care.  Just so it it refilled.

They discovered “Pork” and then “Earmarks” (pig ears).  If a Congressman does earmarks, he deprives the Administration (i.e. the White House) of that money. He brings home the “Bacon” ands gets RE-ELECTED, the ultimate goal.  Each session becomes a spending contest between individual Congressmen, “D” and “R”.  Thus the conventional wisdom, “Bring home the bacon and you have an automatic win as an incumbent”.  This explains the 2006 Republican Congress that spent themselves into oblivion and the current crop of criminals running our country.

I don’t care one flip in “the lake of fire” about Democrats.  I do care about Republicans and the Republican Party.  The RNC, the State Parties (plural), and some local politicians believe the Bacon-Re election Theory.  Thus the aspiring hope to re elect incumbents.  Tried and true but in our day of instant Communications, just a little naïve.  There is a reluctance to bring in new people with a different outlook.  Especially those who believe the “Magic Treasure Chest” is empty.  Congress and the Administration do not believe it to be empty.  Au Contraire’, they just keep right on spending.

Jim Inhofe is my Senate Hero, Tom Coburn not so much.  Since I found out he has the hots for Nancy Pelosi-hmmmmm.  The two share one failing in particular.  I am NOT attacking them, just facing reality.  They believe the “Magic Treasurer Chest” to still contain funding.  They believe we will be OK.  The average John Voter does not agree.  He does not agree with Tom Cole, Mary Fallen or John Sullivan for the same reason.  Coburn occasionally has flashes where he wants spending controlled.  Presidents Bush 41 and 43 believed the Chest was bottomless.  This is the Political Suicide of the Republican Party.  They refuse to face reality; they are blind to it and cannot accept it.  It worked in 1938, it should work today.

All is not lost.  We have many people running for Congress who see the Media for what it is, a mile wide and one inch deep and the cause of the last 10 recessions.  You hammer a message long enough, people believe it.  They see the U.S. Treasury for what it is.  Looted by the Communist Dictator Obama, They see ACORN for what they are, Organized crime, aided and abetted by the Democrat Congress.  They see the Schism between the Constitution, the Congress and the Courts.  I don’t need to tell you more, you already know.

Step up and be counted.  Support our Constitutional Candidates.  Its time the Incumbents came home.  They get full pay every month for the rest of their lives anyway so it isn’t like we are depriving them of anything.

We are 1% likely to wind up in a Detention Camp, without charges, without bail and no appeal.  I was stunned to find those camps promoted by McCain and Inhofe.  Just with what people do they think the Communist Administration intends to populate those camps?  Ethiopians? Mexicans?  Englishmen?  I don’t think so.  Maybe French Canadians.

If you wish, you may forward this letter.  Please don’t change it.  If you think it is wrong to face reality and you don’t approve, send me an email and I will unsubscribe you. [Editor’s note: originally received via email just for the record on the reason for this paragraph.]

If Government is big enough to give you everything you want, it is big enough to take away everything you have.     GERALD R. FORD, quoted in John F. Parker’s   “If Elected”.  Barry Goldwater said the same thing in a speech in 1964.  “A Government big enough to give you all you want, is big enough to take it all away”.

See Ya!
Roger Warren

Constitutional Conservative

About Roger Warren:

An Oklahoma native, born in 1939 in Wewoka, whose military and civilian careers called him to travel and work in many different states in the country and places throughout the world. Although he has no college degree, his varied life experiences have provided him with many skills. He has done a little bit of everything in regards to hands-on work as a service station attendant, bar-tender, donut bakery worker, move theater maintenance, and electrician, among others.

In his military service, he served aboard an aircraft carrier, worked for CID (navy criminal investigation service), did some piloting, and served as Captain on both a tugboat and a contract ship. Also as a part of his service he was part of the Blockade in Cuba and served as a Machine Gun Trainer in Vietnam. Also during his career, he served as a Military Policeman in Hong Kong and later as Military Chief of Police Germany.

Following his military career he became an Engineer Tech in the Federal Civil Service in overseeing electrical and construction projects for the FAA in New Mexico and Alaska. “I loved Alaska,” he notes. “It was a four year hunting and fishing vacation and I was in almost every city, town, village and military base in the state.”

Besides learning how to captain a ship, fly, and scuba dive as a military man, Roger later took a liking to stock car racing and took part in the 1971 tour in Mexico. He drove a 1965 Ford at the Magdalena Machuco Autodromo in Mexico City at 180mph and said “That was the first time I was ever on a track where you could go that fast.”

Roger doesn’t play sports any longer as injuries interfere with his ‘Political life’. He started going to Republican events in 2002, worked at his County Office in 2004, and was elected Cleveland County Chairman in 2007.   Relative to politics he said,  “I tried to bring the Ron Paul people into the Party in ’07.  They joined right up.  They got on board and said let’s go to work.  The State’s attitude has dumbfounded me.  To this day, I can’t understand why we are supposed to love incumbents and discourage new people.  There are words for that, but let us just say odd.”

In summation he added, “My life has been one long adventure.  I got the best the United States has to offer and I loved every minute of it.  I would not trade one minute of my life with anyone else.”

[Editor’s note:  We are blessed to have Roger Warren and his rich vast people/political expertise in Oklahoma now!]

Roger Warren does a political update via email for his friends and followers which you can request via an email to: mildman [at] sbcglobal [dot] net