restoring rights to the people in the republic…

Things ToDo

Easy Volunteer Tasks

  • read local newspaper and be informed
    (actually attend meetings to see if accurately reported in news)
  • tweet real information to real people
  • make news become relevant
  • deliver constitution packets sheriffs and local officials
  • visit congressmen at their offices
  • take a donut to a city councilman and visit
  • talk to your neighbor about issues in your city
  • help a candidate who won’t vote for a bailout
  • visit a sick friend
  • say thank you more often
  • teach or mentor someone else on an area of expertise you have
  • blog
  • share a blog
  • cross post blogs you like
  • be an encourager
  • be an exhorter
  • be a standard bearer
  • be a truth teller
  • organize your precinct
  • keep your lists safe and secure!

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