In perfect weather and a lovely park setting, Bartlesville citizens set the standard for teaparties across the land this weekend. Thanks to a wonderful team of volunteers working together under the guidance of Randy Barnett and Bob Viet, we all got to know and hear and love Halo Jordan. What an awesome music talent and Christian ministry too! Pastor Jason Murphy gave us both a history lesson and a challenge to take back our country.  He made history come alive with relevance and passion for current plight.

OK-SafeoriginalAmanda Teegarden shared the proclamation of grievances which was read from the steps of our Capitol today under the leadership of state representative Sally Kern. Reports are that amidst the reading of a declaration of our loss of moral values and our need to repent and turn as a state and as a nation, that she and the group gathered were heckled and disrupted by rude gay rights activists. So much for tolerance in our land when it comes to biblical moral values.  See video here.

Randy BrogdonNothing like that happened in Bartlesville, I am pleased to report. We were able to declare and pray for righteousness in our land in what we hope will be the planting of a standard in the city square! Senator Randy Brogdon (@RandyBrogdon on twitter) spoke about limited government and Constitutional values and Freedom in Oklahoma stressing the importance of sovereignty.  Amanda also informed us about the dangers of the Pass Act and its linkage to the Real ID bad legislation confronting our state as well. Calls are needed on that matter ASAP. OK-Safe details on this matter are posted here.

HaloJordan Rockabilly Prayer

George Washington (Jim Landolph) presented a book to our young scout, Josh Hedglen, who led us in the pledge of allegiance and Halo Jordan gave us an awesome rendition of the National Anthem on guitar. It was so good to meet these fellows, hear their music, and get to see their heart for ministry through music! You can find out more about them and get their CDs here.

Randy Barnett, our gracious MC throughout the event, gave us an update on income tax laws and birth certificate issues with our current President Obama. Sandra Crosnoe (@scrosnoe on twitter) talked about grassroots networking as hearing from God and conveying to the people and gave us an update on Cap and Trade legislation (passed the house last week and is headed to the US Senate next week.)   Calls to most Senators are needed next week, but Oklahoma actually has one of the champions in this matter.   In the case of Senator Inhofe, please call to thank him for his leadership and encourage him in his efforts on both defeating this bill and exposing the related matter of the fundamentally flawed premise of ‘global warming’.

Handouts that were provided for more information:

clibertyc-facebook-logoMore information on Cap and Trade issues are being consolidated via Constitutional Liberty Coalition and  Facts are Stubborn Things.

Facts are stubborn thingsLook for the Cap and Trade updates there including vote alerts and conference call announcements and updated analyses.

Special thanks to all who made this event such a success and all who had tables at the event and provided such wonderful information and materials. VOM website here (follow on twitter @vom-usa).

A complete video post of the event will be available via Tri City TV and a link posted here when available. Our flyer for the event is below for reference.

Note: If you came up to me and told me that you want to volunteer and help on matters (many of you did),  please make sure that you signed the sign in sheet at the event or leave a comment below.  I look forward to working with you for righteousness and liberty in our land!/sc


Bartlesville Rally for the Declaration