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Last weekend Rand Paul won his third consecutive CPAC straw poll, CPAC is considered the largest and most important annual GOP conference, with over 11,000 attending this year. This victory marks the continued advancement of our movement and sets the stage for Rand’s presidential campaign to claim the White House and move us closer to liberty. Support for Rand Paul is in full swing. You can join the conversation here:

Rand Paul speech at CPAC:

Efforts are already underway to plan fundraising events, with a money bomb set for Tax Day, April 15. You can join in the planning and promotion here:!-April-15th!

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Advancing liberty is more important than one election, however, and all liberty supporters should be setting plans and gearing up for the coming election season, considering questions like these:

How much will you focus on the presidential election vs. more local races in 2016?

Are there any strong, up-and-coming congressional candidates worth supporting?

Will you work to be a national delegate for your district?

Have you networked with other liberty supporters in your district to build a local plan?

Beyond being a delegate, what actions will have the best payback for supporting a presidential candidate, such as Rand Paul?

Are you working to become an expert in some area that is of value to advancing liberty?

Join the discussion, here:

You can keep track of the best ways to stay involved with our Top Activist Efforts list:

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We recently completed a forum restructuring that allows us to better focus on our objectives. We hope you like it:

Site member Gage Skidmore has been busy photographing the liberty movement including the recent CPAC. Here are some of his latest sets:

After winning his New Hampshire House Seat, site member Shem Kellogg has been busy acclimating to life in office. We look forward to his reports and good votes:

==== In Case You Missed It…  ====

The FCC recently voted to assume stronger control over the internet. See what Ron Paul and others think about the issue:

Ron Paul: The Fed’s Attack Dog is At It Again

Ron Paul: Vaccine Controversy Shows Why We Need Markets, Not Mandates

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Happy New Year 2015

Where the Spirit of the Lord is – there is Liberty!

May you be where He is and go where He leads.

May you know His Will, His Way, His Word and His Touch as you go.

Special thanks to my good friend Shelli Dawdy for the best Happy New Year graphic of all times!

Justin Amash Moneybomb – Set for July 18th – How you can help!

Justin Amash Money Bomb July 18 2014 Tweet for Justin Amash Money Bomb - pinned now

Justin Amash Moneybomb – July 18, 2014 –

Please join facebook event, share and invite friends, plan now to donate and have fun finding and connecting with friends of liberty!

Sign up for Moneybomb Reminders here >>>

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Liberty is the Issue – Dax Ewbank for Governor of Oklahoma – Vote Tuesday June 24th!

Dax Ewbank for Oklahoma Governor Banner

Liberty is the Issue.

It is really that simple. We need a Governor that will govern the government, so that it will LEAVE YOU ALONE! Somehow that role has been reversed and governors and governments are micro-managing peaceful people as if they have forgotten where their authority came from in the first place!

A Dax Ewbank administration would be run by two simple principles:

Do everything you have agreed to do.

Do not encroach on other people or their property.

These principles apply to all people and to governments as well. If a law cannot find its basis in them, then it is probably immoral and should be repealed. This is the government of our Republic, where the rights of the individual are protected against attacks from the majority and from the state.

Putting things back on the right track will not be easy, but there is no better time than now to get started.

Taxes: Abolish the state income tax and follow the lead of other states that operate without one by employing solutions for funding government that do not place an overbearing burden upon the people.

Healthcare: Repeal Obamacare and utilize resources that we have right here in Oklahoma to restore free market principles to our healthcare systems.

Education: Protect local control of our children and their education and resist state and federal mandates that attempt to override or direct the authority of local school boards and parents. Dax fought alongside many parents, teachers, and concerned citizens in the battle to repeal Common Core while Mary Fallin was for it before she was against it. Oklahomans deserve consistency on this issue. Our schools are not franchises of the federal government; they are institutions of the local community and should reflect community priorities.

State Sovereignty: Federal encroachments are threatening our way of life. Common Core, Obamacare, Agenda 21, and other mandates that are making their way to our state through Federal channels need to be stopped so that the people of Oklahoma can be free to live and govern themselves.

Individual Liberties: Restore and protect individual liberties. From gun liberties to ending the abusive war on drugs, the people of Oklahoma need to be set free from the worry that the state is out to get them. Dax is not running to be the Governor of the people; he is running to be the Governor of the government – to direct it to pursue and administer justice and to leave the people of Oklahoma free to pursue their own happiness.

Vote for Dax Ewbank on Tuesday, June 24th.


Visit Dax Ewbank Website

Facebook page

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for R3publicans


Truth Transcends Color with Nathan Dahm and Derrick Wilburn on May 31st in Tulsa Oklahoma


Derrick Wilburn

Derrick is the founder, President and Chairman of the Board of the Rocky Mountain Black Tea Party, Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives and His organization’s and personal mission are to bridge the gap that has traditionally existed between conservative political causes and parties and the minority communities in the USA. Through local meetings, film and radio programs, on-the-ground efforts, writing and social media his organizations are delivering the message of conservatism to ethnic minorities, AND, the message of the need to reach minorities to conservatives. An accomplished motivational speaker, Derrick has delivers powerful messages to political and community action groups across the nation.


Saturday, May 31st at SpiritLife Church, 5345 S Peoria Ave, Tulsa, OK 74105, Derrick Wilburn of American Conservatives of Color and Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives will be discussing with us ways in which we can expand the message of conservatism to minority groups around Tulsa and the entire state of Oklahoma!

We will also have a very special guest speaker, State Senator Nathan Dahm.

Candidates for Office, groups, organizations and businesses are welcome to purchase a display table for $100 here:Truth Transcends Color or by emailing TC Ryan at

Admission is FREE!!  RSVP here: Truth Transcends Color



Gov Fallin Wants to Hear From YOU!!!
Call her office 405-521-2342 and ask that she sign HB 3399 to Repeal Common Core.
Option #2 lets you speak to a “live” person. It takes less than 30 seconds – PLEASE CALL today!!
Sandra Crosnoe