Jonathon Cohn on Capitol Hill April 29

God’s Warning to America via Rabbi Jonathan Cahn at the U.S. Capitol on April 29th

Rabbi Jonathon Cahn tells it like it is on capitol hill.  I believe it is prophetic and timely. See if you agree… ‪   #‎4life‬ ‪#‎4liberty‬ ‪#‎arepublicifyoucankeepit‬ ‪#‎r3publicans‬/sc

Service entitled: Washington, A Man of Prayer

Direct link to video (if it fails to embed) due to high traffic:

God’s Warning to America — Members of Congress hear a hard-hitting speech by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn about God and America at the U.S. Capitol the day after the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments about same-sex marriages.

Posted by George Escobar on Thursday, April 30, 2015

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more information here via Charisma News


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R3publicans endorse SB 838 and Join the Battle for Due Process in Oklahoma Surrounding Civil Asset Forfeiture

Civil Asset Forfeiture legislation needs to be reformed in order to protect innocent people from having their property subject to legal theft by the state without due process. R3publicans (R3s) are working to help Oklahomans learn about this issue and what they can do to help reform the current law. The senate author of the bill to reform Civil Asset Forfeiture law in OK (SB-838) is Senator Kyle Loveless. Our hope is that public support for reform will be strong enough to ensure that this bill is heard in the upcoming legislative session and ultimately passed and signed into law. Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform is an issue everyone can get behind regardless of political leaning.

Handout includes several counties and the amount confiscated and kept over recent years. It also include a Washington Post op ed on topic.This information is for sharing with friends, family, neighbors, and elected officials. Please let your representatives know your thoughts on the matter.

Civil Asset Forfeiture Handout via Senator Kyle Loveless in Oklahoma shared by Sandra Crosnoe (Handout embedded below; follow link if embed fails to work properly)

Handout on Civil Asset Forfeiture (SB 838) authored by Kyle Loveless – lots of very useful information on topic. R3publicans has endorsed this bill. ‪#‎R3s‬ Please share! ‪#‎4life‬ ‪#‎4liberty‬ ‪#‎dueprocess‬

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EX-IM Bank Loan Guarantees FY2013

EX-IM Bank Reauthorization: Crony Capitalism or National Security?

In a recent WSJ article by Nick Timiraos – House Votes to Reauthorize U.S. Export-Import Bank – WSJ writes:

Export Import Bank Bldg Signage

The U.S. Export-Import Bank in Washington has been closed since its charter expired in July of 2015.

WASHINGTON—The House Tuesday approved the reauthorization of the U.S. Export-Import Bank, with a majority of Republicans joining almost all Democrats to demonstrate a broad bipartisan coalition to revive the export-finance agency.

The measure passed 313-118.

More than half of the House’s 247 Republicans—127 in all—voted to renew the bank’s charter. Three years ago, 147 out of 242 backed it.



Leading up to this vote, I received several interesting pros and cons on the matter.  That in and of itself is not unusual, but who was on what side was most surprising.  Congressman Bridenstine, my congressman, usually for smaller, government justified his support of the matter as ‘national security’.  Hmmmm, the great catchall for more government like the unpatriotic Patriot Act?!

Here is a quote from his article (full text here) “While the Ex-Im Bank was not created for national security purposes, it has enabled development of domestic, commercial industries – from satellite communications to ships – essential to U.S. national security.  Strong support for domestic defense-related manufacturing capabilities is desperately needed at a time when the defense budget is inadequate to confront international threats.” To which I said, “[I] totally disagree with you on this one, the Ex-Im Bank needs to die a natural death and reduce the cost of government a little while reducing crony government handouts to big business a lot! Let the free market work please…”

Paul Ryan, the new Speaker of the House, surprisingly (to me anyway) went on record lambasting the reathorization as crony capitalism (full text here) saying, “”I think there are plenty other ways to expand opportunity in this country, and corporate welfare is not one of them. The biggest beneficiaries of this bank, two-thirds of their money go to 10 companies. Forty percent goes to one company.  And this bank does cost money—just ask the Congressional Budget Office when they use real scorekeeping. Remember Fannie Mae? Remember their accounting? Remember when they told us they weren’t going to cost any money—until they did? And it cost us billions.”

Several years ago Ron Paul warned us of this matter  (link via my good friend J Bradley Jansen and you can see his remarks here:  Center for Financial Privacy and Human Rights » Rep. Ron Paul’s Statement on H.R. 1370 Reauthorizing the Export Import Bank (1997).  In this report, Ron Paul says, “H.R. 1370, reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank, should be rejected for several reasons. The claim to constitutionality is dubious. The Bank rewards special interest groups with political favors. Reallocating money from the job-producing, productive sectors of the economy to the less efficient sectors distorts credit allocation. Reauthorization of the Bank is both bad economics and bad politics.”

There is a lot more history on reauthorizations through recent years here in Capitol Words.  Check out the right side bar and follow the path of recent reauthorizations.  When will we find enough Congressman/women to put a stop to this nonsense?

TOM PAINTER commented on the Wall Street Journal article saying, “Supporters of the bank say it keeps U.S. firms on a level playing field against foreign competitors that enjoy similar support from their governments.  Supporters need to back that up with measures that require THAT to be the case when an American company comes calling at the Ex-Im Bank.  They haven’t and they won’t because that “reason” is an excuse for the crony-capitalism they are promoting, for the corporate campaign contributions they will get  for that support.  TOO MANY Ex-Im backed loans cannot pass the smell test as necessary due to unfair foreign competition.Additionally, some loans rob some American interests as well.  Ex-Im subsidies for purchase of Boeing aircraft often go to foreign airline companies seeking to grow to compete with American airline companies, while not Boeing’s or any other aircraft sales get Ex-Im bank style sweeteners for U.S. airlines. That places Ex-Im subsidies as hurting American airlines.”


Recently,Congressman Thomas Massie had this to say on facebook, “What is the Ex-Im bank? In a nutshell: Congress set up a program for the US government to guarantee loans for foreign companies to buy American products. The goal is to improve the export market for American companies. Doesn’t sound too bad until you consider (1) the arrangement primarily benefits a single corporation (2) this hurts some American companies, like domestic airlines that compete with foreign airlines whose airplane purchases we’ve subsidized using Ex-Im bank (3) if the foreign companies fail, Americans will be bailing them out with the loan guarantees. In my opinion, this is not the proper role of the US government. I do not plan to vote to re-authorize Ex-Im bank. Because the Ex-Im bank is not widely supported by congressmen, there is talk that the Ex-Im bank will be reauthorized by attaching it to unrelated must-pass legislation….


EX-IM Bank Loan Guarantees FY2013The Export Import bank is crony capitalism and I oppose its reauthorization. Some argue that the Ex-Im bank makes money, but so did Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac until the day they didn’t. Proponents of the Ex-Im bank neglect to mention that American taxpayers are on the hook for loan guarantees if the foreign entities default.

When our government picks winners, it inevitably causes others to lose. For instance, Ex-Im subsidizes new airplane purchases for Air India. Consequently our domestic airlines lose international routes. The end result is that pilots and crew members in Kentucky lose their jobs. What sounds like a well intended program, with benefits for some, has negative consequences for my constituents. The free market is better suited for determining which companies should receive capital investment.”

And if that were not enough, here is one more article with lots of very interesting comments:
The Export-Import Bank Story the Post-Dispatch Refused to Print | Hennessy’s View  opens saying, “Huge multi-national corporations like to preach from the “small business” bible when it comes to the Export-Import bank. Unfortunately, most of the Ex-Im propaganda about how “small business” benefits crumbles under scrutiny.”  He goes on to explain that the Ex-Im definition of  “a small business has up to 1,500 employee and revenue of $21 million. So the Ex-Im idea of small is relative.”  The points made in the article continue in the comments.


So it looks like it will be renewed for another 7 years.  Can we as a nation last that long?  I hope so.  Time will tell.


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Economist Magazine Cover Causing a Stir — Strange Symbols with World Leaders


From Real Independent News & Film:  “Have the elite warned us that November 3rd and November 5th will be particularly important dates?  The Economist has very close ties to the Rothschild banking dynasty of Europe, and it has been a well-known mouthpiece for the global elite for decades.  That is why all of the weird imagery that was used on the cover of the January 2015 issue made so many headlines when it first came out.  The elite often like to foreshadow what they intend to do in advance, and many were trying to decipher what many of the cryptic symbols might mean.  For those that have not seen it yet, here is the full cover…”

As you can see President Obama is clearly in front, with a Cheshire cat near his left leg.  A little girl who made me think of Alice in Wonderland looks up at the scene of world leaders. The symbols are scattered around and in some of the leaders hands or on their heads. The part of the picture getting attention now is the arrows near the front with 11.3 and 11.5 on them. Speculation is that these dates (if they are that closely connect to the dates when US reaches the debt ceiling (again). No biggie right?!  Here is an enlargement of that part of the cover.


Spiderman seems to be falling and a mushroom cloud goes off in the background.  The man in the moon has two faces and a drone flies overhead – or is it something else?  Notable on the left is the Pied Piper playing his flute while everyone looks in another direction. The football looks like a globe mounted ready for the kickoff.  I am fascinated by many things each time I look – especially the turtle with emphasis marks above him front and center.

More links and info on topic:

Real Independent News & Film


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Drudge Poll Results on First Presidential Debate

Let the games begin…

Vote here:


And the results are in…
TRUMP 44.67% (261,352 votes)
CRUZ 14.31% (83,729 votes)
RUBIO 10.52% (61,559 votes)
CARSON 8.94% (52,307 votes)
PAUL 6.06% (35,476 votes)
KASICH 5.28% (30,894 votes)
WALKER 3.49% (20,420 votes)
HUCKABEE 3.37% (19,714 votes)
BUSH 2.07% (12,112 votes)
CHRISTIE 1.28% (7,487 votes)
Total Votes: 585,050

Results as of  ~6AM CST August 7, 2015

BUSH  2.04%  (7,301 votes)
CARSON  8.17%  (29,249 votes)
CHRISTIE  1.16%  (4,147 votes)
CRUZ  12.6%  (45,121 votes) 
HUCKABEE  2.9%  (10,369 votes)
KASICH  4.15%  (14,870 votes)
PAUL  6.84%  (24,495 votes) 
RUBIO  8.06%  (28,850 votes)
TRUMP  50.63%  (181,327 votes)
WALKER  3.45%  (12,418 votes) 
R3newa[Editor’s summary: Trump admits he buys and sells votes, Carson does brain surgery, Paul takes down Christie while reminding him we have a Bill of Rights, everyone knows Jesus and wants less government (except when they don’t) and lower taxes (except when they don’t)…/sc]
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Livestream Link for Republican Debate

R3newa potentially a live stream for debates tonight – check it out ‪#‎R3s‬ ‪#‎CLCs‬ ‪#‎4life‬ ‪#‎4liberty‬ ‪#‎GOP‬

WARNING:  Heavy mind games going on to ‘help’ you reach the ‘right’ answer.  Watch with your eyes wide open and listen to what is not said and who is not featured and promoted as much as who is!

Republican Primary Debate Schedule Gearing up for 2016 – Policy or Theater or Money?

CNN Teaser VideoPreview via CNN:


2016 Republican Primary Debate Schedule

Here is the most up-to-date and complete schedule we have for the 2015 / 2016 Republican Primary debates. These debates are between all the Republican candidates running for President.

Tickets: See this page for ticketing information.

Each of these debates has been officially sanctioned by the Republican National Committee. Details will be added/updated as they become available as well as live streams.

Democrats Cartoon Republicans for Debate Watch Party

Democrats Cartoon Republican Candidates for Debate Watch Parties (photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Related:  2016 Democratic Primary Debate Schedule

[Editor’s Note: Pay attention to the media games to focus on ‘their’ picks and avoid certain candidates in their coverage — once you can see through the game, the selection process for the REAL grassroots candidates gets much easier.]


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Mises Institute Announces Ron Paul’s 80th Birthday Bash

Mises Ron Pauls 80th Birthday Bash

Mises Institute
518 West Magnolia Avenue
Auburn, Alabama 36832-4501


The Mises Institute is a nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.


This flyer was received in an email to Sandra Crosnoe on July 14th.  If you are interested in helping organize a group trip from Oklahoma, please let her know ASAP!  

Let’s figure out a thousand ways to bless this great gentleman and champion of the constitution for a very special birthday celebration.

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Oath Keepers

America is Running out of Time — States Emergency Summit Plan



Albany, NY

Stewart Rhodes for Oathkeepers2Founder and Director of Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes urges all Oath Keeper chapters across the country to hold an Emergency Summit by state, in order to prepare for an economic collapse. ‘Assume the worst’ and formulate support teams. Food storage the most crucial.
Video 00:10:24
18,662 views at time of post


Video link (if does not embed properly):

Randy is sharing this with veterans and peace officers.  Send Randy a note if you can help with this project.

Randy Barnett (Bartlesville)
Email: Fuel4life[at]cableone[dot]net
NE Oklahoma Coordinator for Oathkeepers
USMC, Intel Officer and combat help pilot
MA, Public Policy


Originally posted on Randy Barnett:


Albany, NY

Founder and Director of Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes urges all Oath Keeper chapters across the country to hold an Emergency Summit by state, in order to prepare for an economic collapse. ‘Assume the worst’ and formulate support teams. Food storage the most crucial.
Video 00:10:24
18,662 views at time of post

Sharing this with veterans and peace officers.  Send Randy a note if you can help with this project.

Randy Barnett (Bartlesville)
Email: Fuel4life[at]cableone[dot]net
NE Oklahoma Coordinator for Oathkeepers
USMC, Intel Officer and combat help pilot
MA, Public Policy


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OK Grassroots Project

Precinct Leader Project – for Politics and for Survival in Tough Times

For Politics and for Survival in Tough Times…

If you have been involved in politics for any length of time whatsoever, you have a vague understanding of what a precinct is and what a county is and that you live in one of each. The precinct is the basic building block of political organization. If you want to have an impact in your area on issues and candidates, you simply must get organized and be a part of a team effort to get information out and make sure the people know when it is important to vote – especially in surprise local special elections and all the ‘little’ bond elections.

Porter Davis has served in office and been a part of our grassroots network for many years. He is a senior statesman among us. He is a visionary and and activist and a believer. He is a gentleman’s gentleman, always gracious and lots of fun, but with a serious side too. He serves on our board for OKGrassroots. He has developed a very special project to help get the grassroots of Oklahoma get better organized and networked together.

Here is the brief overview of the problem, the solution, and the strategy.


The Problem

  • Governments at all levels are gaining more and more control of our daily lives, increasing the regulations, decreasing our civil liberties, and threatening to bankrupt our future.
  • The People have less effective voice in government than ever before.
  • Influencing the Federal Government directly has become nearly impossible, even for large, well organized groups of citizens.



canstock6258318.jpgThe Solution

  • We need to think globally and work locally, starting the work to transform our states into Free States.
  • The non-partisan, Precinct Town Meeting, and the resulting precinct organizations, are the missing link between the People and their elected representatives.
  • It has been done before. Alexis de Tocqueville identified the town meeting as the foundation of the American Representative Republic.
  • All we need is 3% of the voters to be fully awake, and motivated to get involved to enact major change.


The Strategy

  • The path to freedom lies in repeal of restrictive laws, and legislation that protects freedom. The best way to achieve this today is through a major political party.
  • The GOP is the majority party in Oklahoma, and growing. They offer the quickest and easiest way to achieve our goal. Work through the Democratic Party can also be effective, but they are in a distinct, declining miniority in Oklahoma.
  • Party leadership at the Precinct, County and State levels will be chosen in 2015. We support candidates pledged to building the precinct structure we talk about.
  • We will provide training and resources to empower grassroots activists to be effective at the local level, effecting state and national politics as well


OK Grassroots ProjectDownload the manual and get organized today if you are not already!  Porter presents a simple plan for restoring accountability in Oklahoma Government.  We hope to link to county leaders and precinct leaders from this project on OKGrassroots.  We hope that you will get involved in the party of your choice and be a precinct leader there too.  If you are the point of information for things going on in your neighborhood, you will be the precinct leader.  Here is an article Sandra Crosnoe wrote on the topic relative to Republican party strategy in 2007 called “Mirroring the Republican Party.”  Today we call it “Being the Republican Party.”  You can read Mirroring to Being the Republican Party here >>>

If you want to be listed as a contact for your area please drop us a note via Contact Us and let us know your precinct number and your county.  Be sure to provide an email and/or a phone number along with your precinct number and county information.  If you don’t know what precinct you are in use the precinct locator tool which is a top tab and also precinct locator tool here >>>

[Editor’s Note:  This project is important not only for political networking but for survival in tough times too.  It is important to know your neighbors and be a part of the solution whatever lies ahead!/sc]



Simpson Calls for Special Session to End Marriage Licensing in Texas

201505CapitolPortraits-7(Longview, TX) On Monday, House member and Texas State Senate candidate David Simpson announced that he is calling on Governor Abbott to immediately call a special session of the 84th Legislature in light of the Supreme Court’s lawless and unconstitutional redefinition of marriage.

Says Simpson, “In light of the Supreme Court’s actions, I believe that the best way to protect marriage is to divorce marriage from government. I am asking the governor to recall the legislature so that legislation may be immediately considered to remove state and local officials from the process of issuing marriage licenses. In its place, the process of issuing a certificate of marriage will be performed by any willing clergy member consistent with their conscience and in respect for our culture and our heritage. For those who do not wish to have a religious ceremony, any authorized notary may approve a certificate.”

David Simpson (Texas) on Special Session – Read more >>>

[Editor’s note: Maybe it is time for the church to be the church and for the state to get out of the things it has no jurisdiction over. Sandra Crosnoe for R3publicans:]


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