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Mission:  We are R3’s – Working to Restore Rights to the people in the Republic…

We are grassroots activists.

We were once active on twitter using #R3S on messages that we wanted each other to see.  Twitter is no longer functional for us but we left our page there.  We still have pages on facebook that are moderately active but many have left for other platforms.

Policy on Comments: Comments are rarely permitted on posts. Anonymous comments will not be posted.  We reserve the right to not publish for language as this is a family friendly site.  We don’t have the time to edit it for you!

Policy on Lists:  R3publican’s email lists are not for sale or for public information.  R3s want to communicate with people who want to hear from us and will make people aware of what other groups are doing on matters of interest as we deem appropriate.  We may send information about how you can link up with and support the efforts of other groups (including campaign efforts) on occasion.

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  1. WOW!! Well said. I am likewise fighting to free the minds of the enslaved both politically and religiously. The spiritually enslaved are those enslaved to the letter of man’s religions and philosophies, who blindly believe the interpretations of other men/women because it’s easier to do so.

    Those who go to the source, to hear directly from God almighty, are willing to sacrifice the time needed to KNOW God and they do so because they understand one can never know God by simply reading a book ABOUT God.

    I see this same pattern among the politically enslaved. They prefer to get their knowledge second hand to learn ABOUT the loss of freedoms. But those who take the time to go to the source materials and research what is happening, they are the ones who KNOW, deep in their innermost being, how much of our freedoms have already been lost.

    There needs to be a grass-roots educational program so that more people KNOW what is happening to this great country and its people. But I’ve seen too many educational programs that make little progress. I think that is because we remember more of what we hear, read AND DO. There needs to be more DOING, an educational program that gives people things to do as part of their education.

    And there is one more piece that’s needed to insure the success of such an educational, collaborative work program. There needs to be some sort of system of rewards. Not just hokey certificates or awards for accomplishing what every citizen should be doing anyway, as part of being a citizen, but something tangible that has value.

    Part of what we are doing at 3CCC is setting up TimeBanks. TimeBanks have been around for over 2 decades and it’s an international movement, rewarding people who volunteer to help others with 1 Time Dollar for every hour of work. If you are home-bound due to an extended illness and your place is falling apart, I can help you fix what’s broken and falling down. If it takes me 10 hours to do that, I’ve earned 10 Time Dollars. Now I can get someone else to baby-sit my kids or fix my car or whatever, using those 10 Time Dollars as payment.

    People who own businesses can offer to take partial or full payment in Time Dollars. So, for instance, I will soon be selling biofeedback headsets as an aid for people who want to learn our Glory2Glory Transformation Meditation method and I will be taking partial payment in Time Dollars.

    What this would mean is that there’s an added incentive for people to take the time to learn why and how our freedoms are being lost. We could pay people in Time Dollars for learning about the founding of this country, about our foundational documents and how the principles they promote have been trampled upon.

    I would love to continue this conversation, to see where it might lead, and look forward to your reply.

    Leroy Grey

  2. Keep up the good work. I am encouraged by what I am seeing here.

    This republic needs more folks just like all of you to keep the Constitution and it’s faithful interpretation at the forefront of any political debate.

    For the Republic!
    For Alabama!
    For Liberty!

    Paul Lambert, Candidate
    US House of Representatives
    Sixth District of Alabama

  3. Strong borders. Balanced budgets. Nothing “off-the-books.” No cynical understatement of the cost of a new entitlement (Medicare-Part D). Phase out the farm bill. Open season on RINO’s. No amnesty. Term limits.

  4. First of all, thank you so much for being a great source of alternative media for the liberty movement. Without people like you the liberty movement wouldn’t be what it is today. That stated, I am contacting you regarding the two-day Rand Paul Money Blitz that will be held on August 19th and 20th. We are contacting various liberty media outlets to help promote and support the efforts of Dr. Paul in his race for U.S. Senate. If you would like to inform your readers about the event through articles or banners I would greatly appreciate it. More information can be found at http://www.isupportrandpaul.com

    Thank you for your support,

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