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Ending the Federal Reserve System (End the Fed) has been a longstanding project for #R3s.  I thought it was time to create a project tab for links and more information for everyone.  First a new graphic and then some links and information:

The March of Tyranny2

Special thanks to Ben Garrison for permission to use his wonderful artwork as the base of our new graphic.  You can see more of his work via Grrrgraphics.com online.  H/T to Brian Young for finding the artwork for us and Joanna Francisco for getting Ben’s permission to use with our website.

Favorite hashtags for twitter: #R3s #teaparty #makeDClisten #commonsense #endthefed

Your comments and suggestions are welcomed~

 On facebook we have an End the Fed group here >>>
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And an End the Fed page here >>>
Posting policy for End the Fed here >>>
(and below)

End the Fed Group  — Posting Policy

This policy will be being reviewed and expanded as needed.


End the Fed is a marvelous large facebook group.  We have had lots of interaction as we built the group over recent years.  Not too long ago as we reached the 5000 limit we spun off a page and closed the group.  We were able to continue to keep an open posting policy and share information with each other freely until just recently.  Facebook allowed us to convert to the ‘new’ group format.  The good news is that we can continue.  The bad news is that it is much harder to care for the group.  That puts an extra burden on the admins for the group.  We recently have had some new members diverting the focus of the group who did not appropriately respond to the warnings posted in the public feedstream.  As we reopen the group, members violating these goals, mission, and rules for posting will be banned permanently from the group.


To share information about auditing the fed, ending the fed, bills, legislation, events, videos, and speeches about the economy especially as is impacted by the federal reserve system.  We recognize Ron Paul as the leader of the movement and as such will heavily focus on information and legislation that he promotes in regard to these matters.


To educate and inform people about the federal reserve system in such a way that it promotes systematic, constitutional implementation of good public policy and sound money.

Rules for posting:

  • Items posted must be on topic or from an admin authorized feed stream.
  • Posts attempting to drive traffic to another site or solicit business gratuitously are clearly discouraged as not good manners.  There is a fine line where marketing on topic items helpful to the movement will be allowed but clearly should not be repetitive and must be appreciative of our host site.  It would be appreciated if a reciprocal link on ‘their’ site was provided for our group if that is done at all.
  • Posts that link to sites collecting emails on a splash page will not be permitted.  We discourage email collection sites and encourage feeds and subscriptions with opt in/out provisions.
  • Foul language will not be permitted in print.  [If foul language is in the video a language warning should be given in print.  It is generally NOT recommended that these videos be posted because this is intended to be a family friendly site.]
  • Racial hatred and encouragement of violence will not be permitted.
  • Our focus is on US matters;  however, a global perspective within reasonable limits and on topic will be permitted.
  • All posts must be in English.

Thanks/ETF Admins

One thought on “END the FED

  1. The End the Fed movement offers liberty like nothing else. Monopoly banking power gave the banks power to suppress gold and silver prices, but that is ending with Bitcoin /crypto-currency options. Every patriot needs to learn how to safely invest in Cryptos through innovative enterprises, companies, and alternative media.

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