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History of Associated Conservatives of Texas / America

As of March 13, 2012, we are closing down the website ACAinfo.net.  It seemed appropriate to create a page to document a little of our history here for R3s.  If you came here as a redirect and you see ACAinfo.net in your browser window, please go to R3publicans for the new website link and so that you can see the actual domain name in the browser window and explore the site further.

Much of what ultimately became R3publicans began many years ago in Texas as Associated Conservatives of Texas.  Here is a little about the board of that group and some links to take you down memory lane (page pending).  When one of the board members, Sandra Crosnoe, moved to Oklahoma, the decision was made to continue to spread our network and our message and to use the umbrella title Associated Conservatives of America for projects we came together on from our respective states.  With the passing of David Rucker in 2006 and David Hall in 2011, you might think we would simply move to our rocking chairs on our respective porches, but therein you would be very wrong.  You see unlike most groups focused on building an organization and collecting funds, we will keep right on rolling — telling the truth, ringing the bell, and teaching people to get involved and be effective right where they live.  We link up with people via social networks, and the bell still travels the country honoring our fallen.  People of principle are rising up across the land because it is really difficult to stop an idea whose time has come!

Here is a summary of the Home page for ACAinfo.net from 2009:

January 31, 2009

Associated Conservatives of America

joins forces with 


— Realpeople Restoring the Republic

working to restore core principles

and constitutional limited government across the land.

Associated Conservatives of Texas was the original home of the traveling replica of the Liberty Bell with belladier David Hall honoring our fallen soldiers at funerals, events, and rallies.  [Note:  The Liberty and Law Memorial Foundation (as of 2012) is now working to make sure that mission continues.]  The Ten Commandments are displayed with the bell for without the foundation of moral law there is no liberty!
Ring the bell and proclaim liberty throughout our land. 

Don’t let up on the heat on DC.

No votes for ANY bailout – let the free market work.

AUDIT the FED . . . END the FED! (#ENDtheFED on twitter)

Please invite your friends to join us here.  And the really good news is that we will be helping you to find your niche in all 50 states soon. Together we will move the ship of state toward our limited government ideals.  On twitter use #R3S to flag messages for the group and use search #R3S to see all messages!

R3PUBLICANS – a grassroots movement for limited Constitutional government

And R3publicans was born…

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