Oklahoma Primary and the Importance Thereof

I’m in Nebraska.

Why do I care what happens in the Oklahoma primary election on July 27?

By Shelli Dawdy (aka StubbornFacts)

While I do have a number of friends and contacts there, that is not what drives my concern. I have come to believe that Oklahoma is at the tip of a spear that for so many reasons, is pointing in the right direction. Oklahoma has a very strong, organic movement comprised of resolute people committed to the Constitution. It is considered by many the home of State Sovereignty and it requires less digging to find some strong legislators at their Capitol than in my own and other states.

Senator Randy Brogdon

State Representative Charles Key and State Senator Randy Brogdon, are at the top of that list; they have taken on issues like State Sovereignty and REAL ID, just to name two.

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Remember the Bailout When you Vote in 2010

Text version:

Remember the $700 Billion Bailout?

Who Chose to TAKE your money

and your

children’s future?


Mary Fallin                  Tom Cole

Tom Coburn

Dan Boren                     John Sullivan


Enough said?  You know what to do now.  Get out the vote on July 27th in the primary in Oklahoma.  This is when our future will be determined and whether or not you really have a choice in November.

originally posted July 14, 2010 @ 4:11

Oklahoma: Primary Filing Deadline Past Now Off to the Races

R3 LogoThis week in Oklahoma candidates filed for primary slots for an election that will occur on July 27th.  R3publicans have been working with many candidates for months now;  working to restore the GOP to limited government, constitutional principles of a day gone by and sorely needed again.  With filing past and the goal post just up ahead, it seems appropriate to profile some of the folks you will have an opportunity to help in the next few weeks (many of you are already doing so!).

Here are their banners with links to their websites and excerpts from their press releases this week:

Senator Randy Brogdon for Governor

Brogdon will forgo a third term in the Senate in his quest to become the next Governor.

Brogdon says his determination to reduce the size of government sets him apart from his rivals in both parties, “I am the only candidate who is truly interested in smaller government,” said Brogdon. “I won’t be proposing very many task forces or conferences, I am proposing solutions to Oklahomans.”

A top priority in a Brogdon Administration will be setting Oklahoma, on what Brogdon calls, “a sustainable growth cycle. If we would prevent government from growing three or four times faster than the economy we wouldn’t go through these harsh budget cuts every four or five years.”

“The budget process should be about setting priorities and planning for the future,” said Brogdon. “As Governor I will not let it become a race to spend all the money on bigger government.”

Brogdon believes Oklahoma needs a new tax structure, along with new limits on spending. “Our current income tax system taxes earnings and discourages achievement, we should tax consumption, not savings or reinvestment,” said Brogdon. He proposes an end user tax on sales and services. “However, groceries and prescription drugs would be exempt from any tax and fuel taxes would remain at current level, and other steps, to limit any impact on lower or fixed income households.”


Nathan Dahm for Congress CD01

Nathan Dahm, a former missionary and current resident of Broken Arrow, has filed to run for Oklahoma’s 1st Congressional seat, currently held by John Sullivan.  When asked by reporters why he would challenge a sitting Republican, Dahm replied: “I know Reagan’s 11th commandment was ‘speak no ill of your fellow Republicans’, but you can’t be a Republican and be for big government. John Sullivan voted for the TARP bankers bailout which cost the taxpayers seven hundred billion dollars. That is not small government, it is not Constitutional, and it is not Republican.”

Dahm has been a grassroots activist for several years and is a Teaparty candidate, both of which have helped propel his ground campaign, winning him the Bixby straw poll by 15% with Dahm capturing 47% to Sullivan’s 32%. He also recently launched what his campaign is calling his “Oath to Oklahoma”, which is a list of pledges including: are a self-imposed term-limit of 6 years, defense of the right to keep arms, repealing of the 16th amendment income tax,  and a commitment to enlist in the military upon his vote to go to war.

When asked what separates him from Sullivan, Dahm said: “I am a fighter and I will stand up for the people and have their voice heard in Washington D.C. I will not cower down, keep silent, or vote in violation of the Constitution. I will truly represent the people and serve them whole heartedly.”


Howard Houchen for Congress CD02

“A lot of thought went into this,” Houchen said. “I am not a career politician and going up against a third-generation politician is, at first, a daunting proposition.  But the more I looked beyond Boren’s rhetoric and looked at his actual voting record, it is clear that he is no longer representing the constituents who elected him.  While he comes home and complains about the liberal direction of Washington, he personally facilitates that liberal agenda by voting not once, but three times for Nancy Pelosi to become the third most powerful person in the country. When important debates have occurred this year on the floor of the House, such as with Cap & Trade and the Health Overhaul Bill, Boren sat silently in the Chamber for hours, refusing to come to the microphone in front of Pelosi to speak out on the record in defense of our state and citizens. Now he admits he does not want the bad law passed to be overturned and proposals to actually improve healthcare to be introduced.”

Houchen continues, “With no true representative of the people for District 2, I feel I must, as someone who understands the Constitution and its clear directives on personal liberty, state sovereignty, and specific limits to federal government’s intrusion on the lives of citizens, run for office to help put a stop to the massive central-planning power grab taking place in Washington.  Boren has been an active voter in support of big government spending in the face of burgeoning deficits that will cause crippling tax burdens on both this and future generations. Boren touts his fiscal conservatism and claims he is a ‘blue dog’, but his actions on spending bills show clearly his belief that the DC bureaucracy should extend into every aspect of our lives, and that more of our dollars should leave Oklahoma to fund government’s growth. He has forgotten the farmers, the ranchers, the doctors, the oilmen, the small business owners who elected him in District 2 to represent our conservative Oklahoma values, and to protect the state’s rights and freedom that Oklahomans hold dear.”


RJ Harris for Congress CD04

Witnessing such events as the economic melt-down of September 2008 and the response of elected officials such as Congressional District 4’s current representative, Tom Cole, motivated Harris to enter the race. “Tom Cole showed the people of Oklahoma that he can’t be trusted to make the right decisions under pressure,” notes Harris.

Candidate Harris believes his long experience as an air-traffic control chief, especially in active combat, provides him with the skills necessary to make tough decisions. Coupled with his understanding of the proper role of government and straight forward approach to communicating with voters, Harris believes his message will resonate.

This Friday night there will be a forum, open to registered Cleveland County Republican voters which includes a straw poll.


Mark Costello for Labor Commissioner

Costello heads USA Digital Communications, a technology based company he founded in 1998 and licensed as a common carrier in over 40 states.“The current state of the Oklahoma economy calls for sound business decisions. I have started and ran several successful businesses over the last two decades. I want to bring my successful common sense business approach to address problems of state government,” said Costello.

“The office of Labor Commissioner is the one elected state office that has a legal responsibility to promote job creation. Under state law, one of the duties of the Commissioner of Labor is to ‘advance opportunities of wage earners for profitable employment,’” stated Costello.

“According to a recent newspaper report, jobs are the number one issue for most of the candidates for governor. The level of unemployment is unacceptable. As Oklahoma’s next Labor Commissioner, I will apply my business knowledge to advance meaningful reforms that foster and promote private sector job creation in Oklahoma,” stated Costello.



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Constitutional Liberty Coalition

Political Suicide

Political Suicide

A letter of Opinion by Roger Warren

April 2010

In October 1929, a great recession began.  It was caused by the ability of Stock Brokers to purchase stock “on Margin”.  That is, pay 10% of the total price and owe 90%.  This worked for a long time, but one day the Banks ran out of money.  In part, because of high risk lending practices.  Frightened lenders began asking for payment of debt.  This is a simplified version of the cause of the lengthy and worldwide recession, incorrectly indentified as the “Depression”.  Depression has no financial meaning.  If the Federal Government had not became involved and simply allowed the market to correct itself, the recession would have ended sooner than December 7, 1942.

I told you all that, to set the background, so I could tell you this. In the ’30’s the Federal Governments of the civilized world, became viewed by the general populace as “A Magic Treasure Chest”, refilled by the IRS or their equivalent (all equally hated  and despised by people in all walks of life).  We knew then and know now that 90% of taxes are paid by less than 40% of the population.  But because of the jealousy of the “poor” for the “rich”, a great “Divide” occurred in our country.  This also occurred in Europe but that is their problem to solve. The Federal Government remained “A Magic Treasure Chest”. In the United States, the Democrats were in control.  They maintained their control by appealing to the prejudices of the time.  Dislike of Black people, Hatred for Jews and the view that anyone with dark hair and brown skin was lesser being.  This was also perpetrated in Europe but it is not our purpose to resolve this problem so let Europe solve it. The Mid East hated us then and continue to hate us today because of our religion.  It is the Mid East’s problem to resolve.

The “Rich” became viewed as selfish and uncaring Republicans.  Whatever it took to remain in office.  This jealousy of wealth is as prevalent today as it was in 1940, 50, or 60.  We had “A Magic Treasure Chest” that allowed the Congress and Administration unlimited spending power and allowed the Democrats to shift the prejudices of the time onto the Republicans.

The typical Congressman (Representatives and Senators), “D” and “R” knew the “Magic Treasurer Chest” was always refilled each year. How this happened they were not involved in.  They did not then and do not now, know how it happens and don’t care.  Just so it it refilled.

They discovered “Pork” and then “Earmarks” (pig ears).  If a Congressman does earmarks, he deprives the Administration (i.e. the White House) of that money. He brings home the “Bacon” ands gets RE-ELECTED, the ultimate goal.  Each session becomes a spending contest between individual Congressmen, “D” and “R”.  Thus the conventional wisdom, “Bring home the bacon and you have an automatic win as an incumbent”.  This explains the 2006 Republican Congress that spent themselves into oblivion and the current crop of criminals running our country.

I don’t care one flip in “the lake of fire” about Democrats.  I do care about Republicans and the Republican Party.  The RNC, the State Parties (plural), and some local politicians believe the Bacon-Re election Theory.  Thus the aspiring hope to re elect incumbents.  Tried and true but in our day of instant Communications, just a little naïve.  There is a reluctance to bring in new people with a different outlook.  Especially those who believe the “Magic Treasure Chest” is empty.  Congress and the Administration do not believe it to be empty.  Au Contraire’, they just keep right on spending.

Jim Inhofe is my Senate Hero, Tom Coburn not so much.  Since I found out he has the hots for Nancy Pelosi-hmmmmm.  The two share one failing in particular.  I am NOT attacking them, just facing reality.  They believe the “Magic Treasurer Chest” to still contain funding.  They believe we will be OK.  The average John Voter does not agree.  He does not agree with Tom Cole, Mary Fallen or John Sullivan for the same reason.  Coburn occasionally has flashes where he wants spending controlled.  Presidents Bush 41 and 43 believed the Chest was bottomless.  This is the Political Suicide of the Republican Party.  They refuse to face reality; they are blind to it and cannot accept it.  It worked in 1938, it should work today.

All is not lost.  We have many people running for Congress who see the Media for what it is, a mile wide and one inch deep and the cause of the last 10 recessions.  You hammer a message long enough, people believe it.  They see the U.S. Treasury for what it is.  Looted by the Communist Dictator Obama, They see ACORN for what they are, Organized crime, aided and abetted by the Democrat Congress.  They see the Schism between the Constitution, the Congress and the Courts.  I don’t need to tell you more, you already know.

Step up and be counted.  Support our Constitutional Candidates.  Its time the Incumbents came home.  They get full pay every month for the rest of their lives anyway so it isn’t like we are depriving them of anything.

We are 1% likely to wind up in a Detention Camp, without charges, without bail and no appeal.  I was stunned to find those camps promoted by McCain and Inhofe.  Just with what people do they think the Communist Administration intends to populate those camps?  Ethiopians? Mexicans?  Englishmen?  I don’t think so.  Maybe French Canadians.

If you wish, you may forward this letter.  Please don’t change it.  If you think it is wrong to face reality and you don’t approve, send me an email and I will unsubscribe you. [Editor’s note: originally received via email just for the record on the reason for this paragraph.]

If Government is big enough to give you everything you want, it is big enough to take away everything you have.     GERALD R. FORD, quoted in John F. Parker’s   “If Elected”.  Barry Goldwater said the same thing in a speech in 1964.  “A Government big enough to give you all you want, is big enough to take it all away”.

See Ya!
Roger Warren

Constitutional Conservative

About Roger Warren:

An Oklahoma native, born in 1939 in Wewoka, whose military and civilian careers called him to travel and work in many different states in the country and places throughout the world. Although he has no college degree, his varied life experiences have provided him with many skills. He has done a little bit of everything in regards to hands-on work as a service station attendant, bar-tender, donut bakery worker, move theater maintenance, and electrician, among others.

In his military service, he served aboard an aircraft carrier, worked for CID (navy criminal investigation service), did some piloting, and served as Captain on both a tugboat and a contract ship. Also as a part of his service he was part of the Blockade in Cuba and served as a Machine Gun Trainer in Vietnam. Also during his career, he served as a Military Policeman in Hong Kong and later as Military Chief of Police Germany.

Following his military career he became an Engineer Tech in the Federal Civil Service in overseeing electrical and construction projects for the FAA in New Mexico and Alaska. “I loved Alaska,” he notes. “It was a four year hunting and fishing vacation and I was in almost every city, town, village and military base in the state.”

Besides learning how to captain a ship, fly, and scuba dive as a military man, Roger later took a liking to stock car racing and took part in the 1971 tour in Mexico. He drove a 1965 Ford at the Magdalena Machuco Autodromo in Mexico City at 180mph and said “That was the first time I was ever on a track where you could go that fast.”

Roger doesn’t play sports any longer as injuries interfere with his ‘Political life’. He started going to Republican events in 2002, worked at his County Office in 2004, and was elected Cleveland County Chairman in 2007.   Relative to politics he said,  “I tried to bring the Ron Paul people into the Party in ’07.  They joined right up.  They got on board and said let’s go to work.  The State’s attitude has dumbfounded me.  To this day, I can’t understand why we are supposed to love incumbents and discourage new people.  There are words for that, but let us just say odd.”

In summation he added, “My life has been one long adventure.  I got the best the United States has to offer and I loved every minute of it.  I would not trade one minute of my life with anyone else.”

[Editor’s note:  We are blessed to have Roger Warren and his rich vast people/political expertise in Oklahoma now!]

Roger Warren does a political update via email for his friends and followers which you can request via an email to: mildman [at] sbcglobal [dot] net

What Would Gen George Washington do in Afghanistan; Lose the Battle, Win the War?

rjharrissquareGeorge-Washington-Miss-Me-Yet-225x300Reprinted –  by RJ Harris

(U.S. Congressional Candidate in Oklahoma 4th District)

For over 200 years we Americans have fought and died for our freedom. It then comes as a shock to us when others will not do the same for their own freedom. The lesson to re-learn here is that freedom is not free. Neither would we have it if we were not willing to sacrifice considerable blood and treasure to earn it, and to keep it, nor will other peoples appreciate it if they have not paid its heavy price.

When the Taliban controlled the Afghan Government, there was reason for the Afghanis not to fight. They would have had little chance standing alone against that regime. However, lately there are more than 100k NATO soldiers in Afghanistan and still the people refuse to help win their freedom or secure peace in their own land. The simple question is why, and the simple answer, which is usually the most correct, is that they do not want freedom or peace badly enough to sacrifice for it especially when there are others willing to do it for them. Can you imagine the French fighting for us in our own Revolution, and then occupying us afterwards to make sure we didn’t mess things up? Unfortunately, this is exactly what have been doing in Afghanistan.

Now If we conclude that helping the Afghanis win their freedom from totalitarian oppression when they have been barely willing to aid us in that effort is not reason enough for us to be there, but winning the war on terror is, then the question becomes, ‘do we need to occupy Afghanistan to capture and kill terrorists that traffic their trade from there’? Certainly not! The rugged mountainous terrain of Afghanistan, heavily populated with people sympathetic to him, is the enemy’s ground and he is happy to fight us there. Conversely, movement abroad, outside of his safe-havens, is our ground and we have the combat power projection capability to make all of that our battle space. Add to that our Congresses authority to grant letters of Marque and Reprisal to bounty hunters and privateers and there will be almost nowhere a terrorist can travel without exposing himself to death or capture.

My detractors will say that we must stay in Afghanistan or else we will lose the “war on terror.” Whenever you hear someone utter these words realize that what they really mean is that mistakes must never be acknowledged lest they be exposed as mistakes. In General Washington’s day, there were many who argued that if he left New York, or left Philadelphia then he lost the war. But Washington knew that losing his army to push a horrible position would be what really lost the war, so he withdrew on both occasions. The best commanders know that you only commit your soldiers to the battle when the outcome is unquestionably in your favor before the first shot is fired. They also know that you should never fight on ground of the enemies choosing. And they also know that you should never be where the enemy expects you to be. General Washington employed this last stratagem to great effect crossing the Delaware on Christmas night to take the Hessian mercenaries un-aware. Currently, we are breaking all of these axioms of war in Afghanistan and we are paying the price for that in blood.

Moreover, Constitutionally speaking there is no war in Afghanistan. Our Congress has yet to declare one nor expressed their desired “end state” to the President. This dereliction of Constitutional duties regarding war making powers has led to considerable and unnecessary losses for our soldiers in the field and their families. Our founders knew that, left to their own, executives–be they kings or presidents–would engage in military adventures for the sake of their own aggrandizement. To prevent this, Article I Section 8 of the Constitution gives the power to declare war only to the Congress. The President may defend us and our property and he may do so vigorously. However, offensive military actions, invasions or retaliations are considered by the community of nations to be acts of war. Since acts of war commit a nation to war…only Congress can authorize them since, as mentioned above, only Congress can declare war.

Our nation’s foreign policy actions over the last decade have set horrible legal and unconstitutional precedents for future administrations and legislatures to exploit. One can hardly imagine President Washington sending an army to fight in Europe without a legal declaration of war from the Congress. At that time such an action was not the kind of thing that should not be done…it was an action that could not be done. These unconstitutional doors, opened on our watch and left open for the less scrupulous, must be closed immediately.

Lastly, when war is legally and constitutionally declared, we must not yield to arguments that define winning as only achievable by forcing the continuance of an untenable position. We must commit to battle only when we know the outcome in advance. We must fight on ground that we choose. And we must never, ever, be where the enemy expects us to be. Today in Afghanistan we are exactly where the enemy expects us to be. They engage us and withdraw at their discretion. They control the operational tempo and they have way more of our resources pinned down than we do of theirs. General Washington lost more battles than he won. But he won the Revolution because he learned that winning one battle is not worth losing the war. Knowing this, I believe that he would choose to withdraw from the battle in Afghanistan if it meant that he could win the war on terror…assuming of course that the Congress ever gets around to actually declaring said war.

About RJ Harris :

RJ Harris is a currently serving nineteen-year Oklahoma Army National Guard Officer, two-time Iraq War Veteran and U.S. Congressional Candidate for Oklahoma’s 4th Congressional District. He is a University of Oklahoma graduate in Philosophy and a second year law student at the University of Oklahoma College of Law. RJ is a Constitutional Conservative Republican and the first 912 Liberty Candidate in the nation. He has appeared on Fox News’ Freedom Watch twice with Judge Andrew Napolitano and been the featured guest on conservative/libertarian talk-radio programs across the country.

Town Hall Meetings for Oklahoma’s Congressional Delegation

source: NewsOK August 16, 2009


Upcoming town hall meetings for Oklahoma’s congressional delegation


• 8 a.m., S Arch Thompson Auditorium, McAlester
• 11:30 a.m., Muskogee Civic Center
• 3 p.m., Pryor MidAmerica Expo Center


Aug. 26
• 5:30 p.m., East Central University, Estep Center, 1100 E 14, Ada

Aug. 27
• Noon, Ardmore Public Library, 320 E Street NW


• 9 a.m., The Main Place, Broken Arrow Community Playhouse, 1800 S Main St.
• 5 p.m., Jenks City Hall, 211 N Elm

• 10 a.m., Bristow City Hall, Bristow Court Room, 110 W 7 Ave.
• 3 p.m., Bartlesville Community Center, Community Hall, 300 SE Adams

Aug. 24
• Noon, Chase Bank building lobby, 100 N Broadway, Oklahoma City

Aug. 25
• 4 p.m., Del City Community Center, Main Community Hall, 4505 SE 15


• 10 a.m., Medford City Hall, 615 N Front St.
• 1 p.m., Newkirk Public Library, 116 N Maple
• 2:30 p.m., Kay Electric, Kay Room, 300 W Doolin, Blackwell
• 4 p.m., City Hall, Commission Chamber, 516 E Grand, Ponca City

• 9:30 a.m., Park Pavilion, Casey’s Trail and U.S. 64, Morrison
• Noon, Perry Municipal Building, 729 Cedar
• 1:30 p.m., Billings City Hall, 122 W Main
• 4 p.m., Autry Technology Center, Room 22, 1201 W Willow Road, Enid

Aug. 21
• Noon, Northwest Oklahoma State University, Wyatt Room, Student Center, 709 Oklahoma Blvd., Alva
• 1:30 p.m., Alfalfa Farm Bureau, 113 S Grand, Cherokee
• 3:30 p.m., City Hall, Community Room, 123 S 6 Ave., Fairview

Specter admits he’s a Democrat – enough said?

Any other ‘Republicans’ want to make an announcement so we can do some more party housecleaning and rebranding?  The old RINO problem has cost us too much for too long.  Republicans Restoring the Republic are here now to empower Middle America.  We represent Constitutionalists. If you believe that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights” – rights that no man and certainly no government can or ever should try to take from us – then, you will find yourself welcome here!

We are moms and dads, young and old, single and married. We are called conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats.  Despite how we may be labeled, we populate parties across the spectrum. You can find us among advocates of individual freedom in The Constitution Party, Libertarians, Paleo Conservatives, within the Green Party, with those who put America first,  plain old common sense Independents and more!

Grassroots R3publicans represent Middle America.  We are regrouping and moving forward.  We don’t care what you say (because we know that some of you will lie to retain power).  We will remember what you did and we will vote accordingly.  To that end we will vote out bail-outers without any regard to party affiliation.  If you don’t understand the Constitution and don’t have enough gumption to keep your oath of office, your services are no longer required.  We will indeed ~ Remember the Bailout.

P.S.  Just for the record – we warned you about this before the vote

Remember the Bailout.org

Operation Clean House Project Coming Soon

Be sure to watch Freedom Watch this Wednesday at 2PM EST (1PM CST)


GOP Declines CaucusOK at Oklahoma State Convention

Congratulations to Gary Jones and Angie LaPlant on their win at the 2009 Oklahoma State Republican Convention!  Yes, I supported Cheryl Williams and was sorry to see her lose, but I am sure that in the effort to keep all factions of the party involved and included that she will rise to even greater opportunities within the party structure.  She is so articulate and works well with everyone.  What a gracious speech after the decision of the body!  It will be very telling about the rhetoric from the podium to see what significant post she is offered in the party in the next few weeks.



Grassroots leaders breathed a collective sigh of relief that the party has now chosen to run things from the top down rather than implement the caucus as proposed.  After all it is a lot less work for us to simply let the party hierarchy decide who our candidates will be.  No need for grassroots activists to engage in the party efforts,  we’ll get our voting instructions when we show up at the next district convention.   Worked out really well for us last time with McCain now didn’t it?!

Now those of us in the grassroots side of the equation can get back to what we do best – mobilizing people on issues.  Don’t tell anyone, but our numbers are growing and we are up from the last cycle in a non-Presidential year.  The proposed GOP platform was improved and strengthened by the delegates on the floor.  So the conservative base of our party is still present and strong and growing.

Just for the record, can anyone tell me if the same lists that Gary Jones had access to were made available to his vice chair Cheryl Williams for the campaign for chair?   I am sure that in the future the GOP HQ will make access of party data available to all Republican candidates equally and fairly just like they have in the past.  If anyone on the executive committee has any concerns about this, I suggest that the executive committee actually take steps to run the party like it should; openly, transparently, and fairly so that all Republican candidates have equal access to party data.

Some among us keep reminding everyone of those pesky ‘little’ bailout votes.  I keep suggesting to those who cast them to apologize and show us how to cut spending by leading the way.  Repentance and being sorry actually involves a turning from a bad way.  So you know when someone is really sorry by his/her current behavior!  Rolling back government should be easy so show me some regulations thrown out and taxes cut and spending eliminated and departments shut down and payrolls reduced and operating budgets cut and bailout money declined . . .

We really do need to get back to basics.  I suppose that there is always hope!

For Life and Liberty,


Action Alert for Oklahoma: Stop the Bailout — Calls Needed NOW!

Special thanks to Thomas Kiene for gathering this information for us all! Thomas and his wife Betty were delegates to the Republican National Convention in 2008 and have been invited to be contributors to this site – please tell them you want to see more information posted here from them! They are key organizers for our movement and very active with the Stop the Bailout effort here as well. Please help them all you can and get prepared for your precinct meetings all over the state later this month and make some calls this week too! The email that I received today from Thomas with lots of great contact info is below. ~For Life and Liberty/Editor’s note ~

Action Alert for Oklahoma: Stop the Bailout!

Now is the opportunity to stop the spending of the second half of the $700 billion bad banker bailout bill. Congress can stop the spending of it. You must call or visit your US Congressman or Senator now to make that happen. Ask them to take action to stop the waste of any more of your (and your children’s) wealth on these bailouts. Also take the opportunity to insist that they not support the “stimulus” program that all the special interests are lining up to get their part of the “take”.

Please do it now!!!
Thank you all,
Thomas Kiene


US Senator(s)

Senator Tom A. Coburn (Republican)

United States Senate 172 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510-3603

Phone: (202) 224-5754 Fax: (202) 224-6008

District Info: District: 0S2 100 North Broadway, Suite 1820 Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Phone: (405) 231-4941 Fax: (405) 231-5051

Email: Contact this legislator.

Website: Visit this legislator’s website.

Senator James M. Inhofe (Republican)

United States Senate 453 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510-3603

Phone: (202) 224-4721 Fax: (202) 228-0380

District Info: District: 0S1 1900 NW Expressway, Suite 1210 Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Phone: (405) 608-4381 Fax: (405) 608-4120

Email: Contact this legislator.

Website: Visit this legislator’s website.

US Representative(s)

Representative Frank D. Lucas (Republican)

United States House of Representatives 2311 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, DC 20515-0001

Phone: (202) 225-5565 Fax: (202) 225-8698 District Info: District: 003 10952 NW Expressway, Suite B Yukon, OK 73099

Phone: (405) 373-1958 Fax: (405) 373-2046

Email: Contact this legislator.

Website: Visit this legislator’s website.

Representative John Sullivan (Republican)


Washington, D.C. Office
114 Cannon House Office Bldg
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: 202-225-2211
Fax: 202-225-9187
Tulsa District Office
5727 S. Lewis Avenue, Suite 520
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105-7146
Phone: 918-749-0014
Fax: 918-749-0781
Bartlesville District Office
401 S. Johnstone Avenue, Suite 348
Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Phone: 918-336-6500

Representative Dan Boren (Democrat)


Washington, D.C.

216 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
202 225-2701
202 225-3038 fax

Muskogee Office
431 W. Broadway
Muskogee, OK 74401
918 687-2533
918 686-0128 fax

Claremore Office
309 W. 1st Street
Claremore, OK 74017
918 341-9336
918 342-4806 fax

McAlester Office
321 South Third, Suite 4
McAlester, OK 74501
918 423-5951
918 423-1940 fax

Representative Tom Cole (Republican)


Norman Lawton Ada
2420 Springer Dr., Ste. 120
Norman, OK 73069
Fax: 405.321.7369
Hours 8 A.M. – 5 P.M. CST
Get Directions

Washington DC Office:

U.S. House of Representatives
236 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Fax: 202.225.3512
Hours 9 A.M. – 6 P.M. EST
Get Directions

711 SW D Ave., Ste. 201
Lawton, OK 73501
Fax: 580.357.7477
Hours 8 A.M. – 5 P.M. CST
Get Directions
104 E. 12th
Ada, OK 74820
Fax: 580.436.5451
Hours 8 A.M. – 5 P.M. CST
Get Directions

Representative Mary Fallin (Republican)

Washington, D.C. Office
1432 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Tel: (202) 225-2132
Fax: (202) 226-1463
Oklahoma City Office
120 N Robinson, Suite 100
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Tel: (405) 234-9900
Fax: (405) 234-9909
Shawnee Office
20 East Ninth Street, Suite 137
Shawnee, OK 74801
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