CIA Officer Explains New World Order’s Demise

Mr. Robert D. Steele

1945 views at time of posting / video is 10:58 and well worth the time!

posted on youtube by SalvadorRusso — April 01, 2010 —

[Editor’s note and special request:  Throughout this video, Mr Steele says often, “Blog that.”  If you do so would you please put a link below about your blog on those topics.  I would love to be able to publish a follow-up piece of links that show the ripple effect on something like this video.]


11 thoughts on “CIA Officer Explains New World Order’s Demise

  1. Hi,

    I included this story in today’s Alternative News we welcome and invite you to post your articles on our site. We are a rapidly growing citizen news site.

  2. You Tube doesn’t work for me any more, I have been having the problem for months. I keep getting the message “An error occured, please try again later”

    Although its been reported many times by many users, You-Tube has no interest in helping us out with this one.

    Anyone know if this video is posted elsewhere or on a different video player ?

    You-Tube is junk now.

    • Doug,

      I haven’t had any problems with it yet – could you give us any more specifics about your problems? And in answer to your question, I don’t know of any other place this video is posted but asking our readers to post here if there is an alternative source. All free services are likely to go away or begin costing after people are hooked. There is truly no such thing as a ‘free lunch’.


  3. That is all I can say about the problem-I just get the message in writing across the screen when I click play. Lots of people are getting the error. You-Tube is ignoring the problem.

  4. Dear Editor,
    Would that the ripple effect produces the “demise” (which means “death”) of the New World Order. However, those behind the progress to the One World Government dictatorship are not about to roll over just because people would like them to. Far from it.

    Note that the dignitaries who arrive at meetings of the ‘Bilgerbergers’, CFR, Trilateral Commission, etc., are NOT the hidden government. Those people, albeit of the upper echelon of socio-political affairs, are actually the ‘gophers’ of the NWO’s hidden government.

    The NWO operates unseen but not unfelt, through the UNO at the behest of the few individuals and families who are the de facto private owners of the ‘national’ Central Banks, including the Fed. This minute clique owns and finances corporate America and the West; and ‘owns’ all the major political parties and politicians, and, through these corrupt coteries, has appropriated totalitarian control of all these nations’ Justice Systems and Armed Services… Beware ! The ex-CIA fellah is spreading compacency !

    See (Campaign Philosophy webpages) for the single CONSTITUTIONAL legal panacea and sole (peaceful) SOLUTION to the Illegality of the Status Quo.
    Kenn d’Oudney. Author.

    • Kenn,
      As Sandra noted, this site is run by all volunteers, so replies are handled as we can. We’re glad that you’ve visited and taken the time to leave a comment, though, for sure!

      In any case, I would say, as someone who has spent some time researching entities like the Federal Reserve, it is likely prudent to give some additional information for folks who may pop in here (or elsewhere) regarding the private entities to which you refer. I do not disagree with you that there is a lot of activity associated with that entity, for instance, that is not happening in the light of day. But I find that people tend to “shut off” when there are certain references made in particular ways, i.e. CFR, Trilateral Commission.

      I’ve found that recent timely references, such as Henry Paulson’s and Timothy Geithner’s connections to Goldman Sachs and then how that plugs into the bailout of AIG definitely captures people’s attention. It’s concrete, can be linked to in a variety of articles on a variety of sources.

      I watched most of this video myself and although there were some interesting pieces of advice like “blog that!!”, I am a bit dubious about the overall effectiveness of his message.

    • Not a fan of bushes and gates but certainly not calling them masterminds of 911 either. If you want to get at the root of the problems we could start with auditing the Federal Reserve (which isn’t federal and apparently has no reserves either; hence bailouts with our tax dollars going to unknown or undisclosed entities. What kind of stupidity is that and will we continue down this path?

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