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Speakmymind02 — May 18, 2010

Video from CNN, they cut off he video after he went after Obama.

Rand Paul introduces his family and thanks everyone who volunteered and served on his campaign staff.  Special thanks were given to his mom and dad, Ron and Carol Paul.  He gave special credit to the Tea Party movement who have made it a goal to take back Washington from DC insiders who are not paying attention on spending and immigration and health care.

R3publicans congratulates Rand Paul on this stunning victory that sets the tone for more to come as people are working in states across the land to say enough is enough!  We also thank Ron Paul, our champion of the Constitution, who has stood in the gap for us for so long and laid the groundwork for this seachange in American politics.  Is this the tipping point?  We hope so – FTW in 2010!