Paul leads for GOP Kentucky nod; tea party helps


May 18, 2010  ~6:30PM CST

WASHINGTON — Political novice Rand Paul jumped ahead in the Republican Senate primary in Kentucky on Tuesday, powered by tea party activists eager to jolt the establishment. Democratic Sens. Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania and Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas struggled uncertainly for nomination to new Senate terms.

In a fourth race with national implications, Republican Tim Burns and Democrat Mark Critz vied to fill out the final few months in the term of the late Rep. John Murtha in Pennsylvania. Each political party invested nearly $1 million and said the race to succeed the longtime Democratic lawmaker was something of a bellwether for the fall.

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Rand Paul for US Senate 2010

a quotable quote from Theocrat on RPFs today:

Yes We Rand!

Take that, Obama!