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Truth Attack has undertaken the daunting task of putting the government back inside its Constitutional role and restoring personal freedom and a free enterprise system based upon a lawful currency. In order to do that we are dividing that huge task into smaller parts and uniting the fragmented Freedom Movement into a larger force capable of taking the offense in reclaiming lost ground. Consolidate us-Fragment “them”.

Because we are just beginning and the unification process is still a long way from complete we have decided to extend that strategy by dividing the task of putting the first tentacle, the IRS’s fraudulent misapplication of the income tax, further by attacking its lies and myths state by state, “eating the elephant” one bite at a time. We believe that once we establish a beachhead by making one state immune from criminal prosecution because the public is aware that the income tax issues are genuine, not frivolous, the rest of the states will follow and even the national media, which currently has a blackout on these issues, will have to start taking our movement seriously.

So, TA has decided to start with Florida. Why Florida?

A number of states would be good candidates, but Florida is a good starting point for a lot of reasons. * Florida is one of the very few states that do not rely on an income tax that is tied to the federal income tax structure. Florida does not have a vested interest in protecting the IRS’s lies and myths. * Second, Florida offers a moderate climate and this project will require months of preparation, putting us into October and November. * Third, in October and November there will be many thousands of “snow birds” present from all across the country that will be exposed to the truth and take it back home with them in the Spring. * Finally, with the launching of Liberty Works Radio Network and its initial affiliate in Tampa and the next expansion in Pensacola with upgrades in broadcast power to include the entire state by July or August, we will have the means to publicize this huge event heavily, ensuring a strong local participation.

The name of the project is “Tea Party2 . . . Truth Attack-The Next Level” and will be the largest political protest event since Selma. Hundreds of high visibility vehicles dressed up with flags and banners embarking on a 1,100 mile, two week Motor March around the entire state, stopping for ten well-publicized and well-attended rallies and six one-day seminars on what has gone wrong, where we will end up if we do not act now and, most importantly, what we can do, without personal risk or injury, to turn it around.

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