10-25-09 Consensus seems to be for the original one; so swapping back for now. Thanks all for the input!

r3newa2.jpgWhile working on some graphic matters with Constitutional Liberty Coalition of (which many R3publicans participate in projects ongoing) we decided to rework our banner here.  Of course it can always be changed back, but see what you think and give us some feedback.

We are also working with our folks in Texas to open up some networks which I helped on in the formative years of Associated Conservatives of Texas/America.  We are branching out with a new group – DRIPusa (Don’t Return Incumbent Politicians – specially the ones who voted for a bailout!).

Here is the original banner for comparison:cropped-slide11.jpg

And the new one posted now in the header:


Let us know your thoughts and suggestions or if you want to submit a banner for consideration, that would be welcomed as well – post comment or email ideas [sandiec99’at’hotmail’dot’com]  At first I thought it was too pale, but I love black and white and the hint of blue and we will probably use the more vivid pictures in posts as appropriate with relevant articles.

If you want to submit an article or be a regular contributor here – let us know and send a brief bio and references if we are not already linked up.  We welcome your input and assistance as we work together to Restore the Republic and unite all of our officialdom (from precinct chairs to the white house) under the banner of the Constitution.  Obviously we have much work to protect our Liberties which are expressly enumerated therein and reserved if not specifically delegated as well!

For Life and Liberty,


More options:  These versions are at Kaye’s suggestion for you to ponder – testing the bold R3 version now so you can see what you think.  Feedback?  Any more ideas? . . .

R3 medium banner

r3 banner bold

originally published 10-18-09