New Ron Paul Ad: The One

the story of a lost city lost opportunity lost hope

failed policies failed leadership

smooth talking politicians

games of he said/she said rhetoric and division

one man has stood apart

stood strong and true

voting against every tax increase every unbalanced budget every time

standing up to the washington machine

guided by principle

ron paul

the one who will stop the spending

save the dollar

create jobs

bring peace

the one who will restore liberty

ron paul

the one who can beat obama and restore america now

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for R3publicans

Constitutional Liberty Coalition


3 thoughts on “New Ron Paul Ad: The One

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  3. We need every hard working patriotic citizen to get behind Ron Paul because he is the one candidate who cannot and will not be bought.
    The wealthy people and big companies will vote against him because they cannot control him! This is why the media are still trying to bury him. He is the best person to be president and who can turn this country around as long as we have enough conservatives in the House and the Senate. For once let the blowhards know your votes cannot be bought nor conned. VOTE RON PAUL!!

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