All Eyes on Kentucky this Week – A Message from Kelley Paul

May 16, 2010 — A message from Kelley Paul wife of U.S. Republican Senatorial candidate Dr. Rand Paul.

With all eyes on the Kentucky Primary this week, this video is both timely and inspiring.  It will give you a bit of history too;  Kelley tells about the Republican National Convention that Rand attended years ago with his father that made such an impression on him as a young man.  Standing on principle through the years is a great quality to have in someone running for office.  It means that once in office, the candidate will have practiced already in life what is required from them in the midst of great pressure in DC!

R3publicans have deep gratitude for the courage and stature of the entire Ron Paul family.  We thank them for standing tall and being tenacious for Life and Liberty through the years.  We are working together to Restore the Republic.


3 thoughts on “All Eyes on Kentucky this Week – A Message from Kelley Paul

  1. Very good presentation of a good candidate to send to Washington to fight for our principles and freedom. Time to bring God back to Washington and term limits and fiscal responsibility. Smaller government and more power back to the states from which they took it.

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  3. The Republican-Libertarians believes, are alike to the Tea Party Members, and trust in a limited Constitutional government, dedicated to the preservation of individual rights and liberty for all its citizens. Their gathering national tent is colored in a field of blue, embracing a constellation of fifty white stars, which stand arm in arm with Arizona, for their perseverance and vigilant, constitutional spark; with thirteen alternate celestial rays of red and white, called colonial stripes.

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