clibertyc-facebook-logoOpen letter to all my Grassroots Friends and Activists,

My strong recommendation to all involved is to be sure that your teaparty effort stays grassroots and nonpartisan. We need to cut government and taxes big time and get back to our constitutional roots. Many would like to co-opt the movement and call it their own, but no one owns us!

I am working with a group of concerned citizens around the country and want to guide you to a couple of tiny little grassroots efforts with huge implications. Please visit Constitutional Liberty Coalition on wordpress and also on facebook to find other state leaders committed to the same goals.

We formed as a group when we saw top down techniques being used in what we thought was a collaborative effort. Then we did the research and found that globalist Newt Gingrich was being promoted as our leader and web pages directing shared lists and fundraising around his organization. We purposed to not drive traffic to the national website for that reason and will do everything in our power to keep the movement safe in local hands. But you will have to be vigilant and help. Groups are welcome to help and promote to their own lists and attend and participate. Glenn Beck is now promoting the movement as well, but he is not asking for your lists and money and is to be commended for that. We hope that continues!

Another page is on facebook in draft format if you want to create a state page separate from the list in CLC above you are invited to see Taxcut Teaparty (Draft at present) on facebook or create your own. We are happy to help any way we can and fully supportive of your efforts for the people to have a voice!

Another resource for you is a grassroots primer that I helped with, but Shelli Dawdy took to finished format. Please read and study Grassroots 101 and share with everyone you know with questions about matters at hand!

For Life and Liberty,
Sandie @scrosnoe on twitter

[Note: I have been a grassroots activist for over 30 years and I assure you there is nothing new about what we are seeing the paid professionals do surrounding the teaparty effort. Your time, talent, treasure is desired for their efforts and they may not share your goals for liberty. You be the judge and be wise as serpents and gentle as doves in the process.]


04/11/2009 Update

Some interesting links on bailout supporters (2008) who now want to be our grassroots teaparty leaders (I rather doubt that will fly on twitter or in river city either!):

Gingrich Switches Bailout Stance

The Bailout Package: Vital and Acceptable
by Stuart M. Butler, Ph.D. and Edwin Meese, III