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Christianity Today Interviews Ron Paul: Hot Topics for Church Leaders to Face

In his speech, Paul emphasized personal responsibility, using the example of Jesus’ response to prostitution. “He didn’t call for more laws. But he was very direct and thought that stoning was not the solution to the problem of prostitution,” he told the crowd. “So do laws take care of these things, or do we need a better understanding of our Christian values and our moral principles?” In an interview withChristianity Today following his speech, Paul explained why he doesn’t think the government can create morality. Continue reading

R3publicans: Cato Institute 29th Annual Monetary Conference – November 16th in DC

Ron Paul is a featured speaker for CATO’S 29th ANNUAL MONETARY CONFERENCE — MONETARY REFORM IN THE WAKE OF CRISIS — will address the fundamental issue of how to prevent another global financial crisis — not by tinkering with the present government discretionary fiat money regime but by fundamental reform. The first step is to rethink the role of government and central banks in the existing system, and then consider alternatives — such as the gold standard — that would substitute rules for discretion, increase choice in currency, and allow markets to determine the optimal quantity of money. After nearly a century of U.S. central banking, it’s time to reconsider whether the Federal Reserve’s monopoly status, discretion, and growing regulatory powers are more a source of crisis than a cure.
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Take the Test Yourself: BUSH or OBAMA? ‘Which president did these things’ quiz from recent rally in DC

The BA team breezed through the big 8-28 rallies in Washington, DC to test the government spending IQ of participants. Below are the questions asked in the video and the answers (with sources). But don’t spoil the fun: first watch the video and test yourself. Bush or Obama or neither or both – what do you think?
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End the Fed Rallies Across America – Links

END THE FED rallies across America   Sunday – November 22nd 2009 (Cities are not in alphabetical order; if you know of more events please add comments with information and links!  Event details are contained in the links.) END the FED on Facebook (page)     Boston Philadelphia Buffalo Cleveland reading

END the FED Rallies Pre-Event Show with RMTV and CLC Tonight!

The Constitutional Liberty Coalition Presents…The November 22nd, 2009 – End the Fed Rallies Across America this weekend Pre-Event ShowLive on air Thursday Nov 19th, 7-9pm EST (6-8pm CST) on RepublicMedia.TV Join Sam Ettaro and E Wayne Johnson bringing you the Constitutional Liberty Coalition Grassroots Live and in Action with Shelli Dawdy and Sandra Crosnoe. Their … Continue reading


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