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Immigration: A State or Federal Issue?

The Arizona controversy has resulted in a debate over immigration and legislation dealing with issue in other states. Questions arise about jurisdiction, birthright citizenship and state sovereignty. What does the Constitution say and what is the history of the issue? Continue reading

I thought Ron Paul was a social liberal?

This question has popped up a few times recently, and I realized just how much of a misconception has been instilled by the media concerning Ron Paul on social issues. One problem that many Republicans have with Ron Paul is that they think he is not socially conservative. Discussing every social issue in one writing would be overwhelming, though I do plan to address others in the future. For now I will focus on the top priority social issue for conservatives—abortion. I knew that Ron Paul did not support Roe v. Wade on the grounds that abortion is not in the realm of the federal government’s authority, but what I did not know even as a Ron Paul supporter, and is little known, is that Ron Paul is in fact the most pro-life politician in D.C. Continue reading

Resolution to Strengthen Oklahoma Sovereignty from OKGrassroots

State sovereignty is about having the chance to determine our own degree of peace and prosperity, not having them decided by self interested globalists and corporatists in the national government. State sovereignty is based on the premise that government governs best that is closest to the people. Continue reading

Sovereignty Special! Join R3s Friday Night to Listen and Share

This Friday evening 6-8PM CST, Shelli Dawdy will be filling in as host of the Axxiom for Liberty radio show on Rule of Law Radio Network for Kaye Beach. Sitting in as her co-host for the evening will be Sandra Crosnoe.

We will be discussing the issue of state sovereignty, some of the current issues impacting its status, and ideas for additional action.

Guest Line-Up Includes: Linda Rohman from Nebraska, Amanda Teegarden of OK-SAFE, Oklahoma State Representative and Sovereignty Champion Charles Key, and a very special guest former Oklahoma Congressional District 4 Candidate and currently serving in Afghanistan National Guard Air Traffic Controller Chief RJ Harris. Continue reading

Shelli Dawdy’s GiN post on Federal Red Ink Tsunami: The Life Boats Are Within Our Reach

Grassroots in Nebraska Shelli Dawdy says, “Really it boils down to one simple solution – living the Constitution as originally intended. That means restoring the rightful relationship between the federal government and the several states. When we examine why everything is upside down, we discover what is most upside down in government is that the relationship is completely backwards from that which was intended. We should not forget – it was the states that decided to create a federal government, it was the states who enumerated the federal government’s powers.

The life boat we all need to get it in is right within our own states – located at our State Capitols. It’s simple. It’s clear that those creatures from that eastern swamp are not listening and there is little we can do outside of sending back the same crop of Republicans, increased in number.” Continue reading

GIN: GOP Congress Will Not Save Us – Time to Choose OURSELVES

A Republican majority in Congress is not likely to significantly change the course of our government. Simple answers to our problems do present themselves. They are not easy, but simple. It’s time to choose ourselves by exercising our sovereign rights as individuals and states. Continue reading

GIN: Don’t Count On a Republican Congress To Save The Day

If you are still buying into the myth that a Republican majority in Congress is “the answer to our problems”, then in fact, you are not only not in Kansas, you are not in any of the several states, including your own. Sure, you might be there physically, but the part of you that matters for the purposes of this discussion is somewhere else. Your focus, attention, and problem solving skills, at least, are stuck in Washington, D.C. First in a series from Grassroots in Nebraska (Shelli Dawdy) sharing now with R3s everywhere. Continue reading

Anatomy of a Shell Game

Encroachment, the looming nightmares caused by ballooning government employee ranks and the attendant wages and benefits bubbles that are guaranteed to burst, are subjects which will be covered in future articles here. For the moment, I’ll examine the shell games at work, and the stupid whining it has provoked. Continue reading

Pennsylvania: The Forces of Freedom Return to Valley Forge – August 12-14, 2010

On August 12, 13, 14, 2010, the new forces of freedom will return to Valley Forge to meet, network, learn, train and prepare to stand against the growing American government threat that is destroying our economy, our currency, our free enterprise system and our ability to be free in our personal lives. Continue reading

Oklahoma: R3publicans Endorse Randy Brogdon – The Best of the Best for Governor

Primaries are about selecting the best candidate to represent our party in the general election. This cycle in Oklahoma, the choice for our endorsement for the Governor’s race was crystal clear. There has been consensus among us for months that Randy Brogdon is the man to lead the state ticket in November. It will depend on grassroots people making sure that the best person actually wins this election in order to be able to prevail in November as well. Will Republicans prevail if they fail to select men and women of principle in the primary? Continue reading

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