• Rand Paul Response to State of the Union 2016

    Rand Paul responds to State of the Union Message

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  • OK Capitol Dome

    2015 in review

  • Civil Asset Forfeiture with R3s on back page

    Battle for Due Process Surrounding Civil Asset Forfeiture

  • EX-IM Bank Loan Guarantees FY2013

    EX-IM Bank Reauthorization: Crony Capitalism or National Security?

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  • Republican Primary Debate Schedule Gearing up for 2016 – Policy or Theater or Money?

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  • Mises Institute Announces Ron Paul’s 80th Birthday Bash

  • OK Grassroots Project

    Precinct Leader Project – for Politics and for Survival in Tough Times

  • 201505CapitolPortraits-7

    Simpson Calls for Special Session to End Marriage Licensing in Texas

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  • Rand Paul on Guns and Marriage

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  • Rand Paul with JC Watts

    Sooner Politics Announces Rand Paul Commits to OKGOP Fundraiser Event

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