Oklahoma Primary and the Importance Thereof

I’m in Nebraska.

Why do I care what happens in the Oklahoma primary election on July 27?

By Shelli Dawdy (aka StubbornFacts)

While I do have a number of friends and contacts there, that is not what drives my concern. I have come to believe that Oklahoma is at the tip of a spear that for so many reasons, is pointing in the right direction. Oklahoma has a very strong, organic movement comprised of resolute people committed to the Constitution. It is considered by many the home of State Sovereignty and it requires less digging to find some strong legislators at their Capitol than in my own and other states.

Senator Randy Brogdon

State Representative Charles Key and State Senator Randy Brogdon, are at the top of that list; they have taken on issues like State Sovereignty and REAL ID, just to name two.

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Sooner Republican Assembly – 2010 Endorsements

Report from Saturday, June 26, 2010 – thanks Jared!

The Sooner Republican Assembly (SRA) held its 2010 Endorsing Convention this morning. Twenty-one statewide and local candidates recieved the endorsement of the SRA, which required them to earn 2/3 of the delegates’ votes. Detailed information on the votes is available here. Those winning endorsements are listed below.

* Tom Coburn for US Senate
* R.J. Harris for US House, 4th District
* Kevin Calvey for US House, 5th District
* Randy Brogdon for Governor
* Paul F. Nosak for Lieutenant Governor
* Scott Pruitt for Attorney General
* Owen Laughlin for State Treasurer
* Janet Barresi for State Superintendent of Public Instruction
* Mark Costello for Commissioner of Labor
* John Doak for Insurance Commissioner
* Anthony Sykes for the State Senate
* Norm Seaberg, Kent Hunt, Scott Martin, Randy Terrill, Sally Kern, Charles Key, Mike Reynolds, and Mike Christian for the State House
* David Tinsley for Cleveland County Assessor
* Jim Reynolds for Cleveland County Treasurer

In addition, the SRA delegates endorsed State Questions 746, 747, 748, 750, 751, 752, and 754. They voted against Questions 744 and 757.

Two resolutions were proposed, both of which passed unanimously. The first condemned the recent decision to ban 4th District Congressional candidate R.J. Harris from future Cleveland County Republican Party events. The second was a motion of no confidence in the county’s GOP chair and vice chair.

Winning 100% of the vote were candidate Anthony Sykes; State Questions 746, 750, 751; and the resolutions. Four other candidates earned over 93% of the vote: Randy Brogdon, Owen Laughlin, Janet Barresi, and Mark Costello.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the day was the race for Lieutenant Governor. The field of five includes two state legislators and the 2006 GOP State Superintendent nominee. Yet the endorsement was won by Owasso businessman and political newcomer Paul F. Nosak, who reached the required 2/3 supermajority in the third round of voting. He would eventually receive 75% of the votes.

The full delegate counts for all races considered can be read on our endorsements page.

Debra Medina Townhall Webcast Tonight 6:30 PM CST


Townhall Webcast tonight at 6:30pm. You can participate from the comfort of your own home at http://www.MedinaForTexas.com/townhall

Also, Debra sent this out earlier today. Share as you deem appropriate!

Forewarned is Forearmed

During the last 36 hours of this campaign, it is important to recognize, that final volleys remain to be launched. We Texans have purchased additional media, supporters are knocking on doors and working polls doing all they can to assure victory as the voting concludes in this historic primary election.

It’s important to realize though that not all volleys will be launched with such noble purposes. Since so many of you have joined our ranks, we’ve made the big government folks awfully nervous. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Rick Perry are seasoned campaigners who have employed vicious campaign tactics in prior years. They are likely to lob final shots at us on the eve of the election in one last ditch effort to destroy and defeat.

In years past, these have included media hit pieces and derogatory and downright deceitful automated telephone calls. Above all else the political establishment craves power and they will destroy anyone who tries to take it away from them.

In these final hours before the close of voting, remember that the sitting governor of Texas has allowed himself to be bought by special interests both in and outside of the state and remember that Senator Hutchison has betrayed her oath to the constitution and supported taxation without representation and socialistic slavery by voting for the bailout.

My fellow Texans, I remain committed to securing freedom and prosperity. We must stand together to put a stop to this lawlessness. Steadfast and true, we will not be defeated, we cannot be defeated! Together, we stand on the brink of victory, do not be diverted by the scare tactics of the past – stay the course.

I remain yours for freedom,
Debra Medina

Visit the Medina For Texas website at http://www.medinafortexas.com.

First a TwownHall and now an iPhone App – Adam Kokesh Campaign First!

Thanks to Josh Paul for putting this together!

FMI: KokeshForCongress.com

Josh Paul is a software developer and technology consultant. His personal website is at http://joshpaul.com and his Twitter handle is @joshpaul.

Graphics by Stanton Cruse, Josh Paul, and Adam Kokesh

Music by Jordan Page

[Editor’s note: First the TwownHall and now his own iPhone App – Adam Kokesh for New Mexico and for R3publicans and liberty lovers everywhere!  Go Adam FTW in 2010./sc]

The Health Care Bill and Abortion; Neither Are Constitutional

By RJ Harris,

U.S. Congressional Candidate Oklahoma 4th District

The Health Care Bill and Abortion; Neither Are Constitutional

How is it possible for the Senate to be debating federal funding of abortion in the Health Care Bill when neither are constitutional in the first place?

Heath Care is an individual welfare and as such the federal government has no business attempting to provide it or dictating to our states how to provide it. Article I Sec 8 of the Constitution allows the Congress to provide for the general welfare “of the United States.” Herein the United States is referred to as an entity unto itself which excludes the notion of welfare as the greater good for the most individuals. Individual welfare is never mentioned in the Constitution and the Congress has no power to provide it. However, the Tenth Amendment reserves all powers not explicitly given to Congress to the states. Thus, the states may provide socialized health care, if their citizens allow them, but the federal Congress cannot. The only way Congress could and should address problems in the health care market is to ensure that trade barriers to the health insurance market, erected between the states, are removed in accordance with the commerce clause.

According to the 5th and 14th Amendments, life, liberty or property can only be infringed after due process and equal protection under the law have been provided. Equal protection requires that the unborn have the same protection as the born. The born cannot have their lives infringed without having first committed a capital crime. Thus, the unborn, since they are incapable of committing a capital crime, may not have their lives infringed either. Moreover, since it is impossible for the unborn to have notice or an opportunity to be heard, there can be no process equal to the constitutional requirement of due process.

Of course those that want to continue killing children in the name of convenience will immediately argue that unborn children are not persons. According to the European slave traders, the Africans they sold were not people either. According to the plantation owners in the Caribbean and the Americas, their slaves were not people either. According to the Taney Supreme Court of 1857, Dred Scott, a slave suing for his freedom, was not a person either. According to Hitler, the Jews were not people either. According to the Hutus, the Tutsis were not people either. According to the Janjaweed Militia the Darfurian Civilians were not people either. Challenging the personhood of a human life IS the losing argument. If a human embryo was found on Mars in a stasis jar would NASA report the finding of mere life…or would NASA report the finding of HUMAN life?

The answer to the original question above is that we currently have a Congress that is abrogating its duty to read, protect and defend the four page document that explains all of this either because they are ignorant of the Constitution’s contents or because they place the implementation of their progressive social agenda above the fundamental and inalienable rights of the We the People. In either case, the People can and should remedy this problem in 2010.

About RJ Harris:

RJ Harris is a currently serving nineteen-year Oklahoma Army National Guard Officer, two-time Iraq War Veteran and U.S. Congressional Candidate for Oklahoma’s 4th Congressional District. He is a University of Oklahoma graduate in Philosophy and a second year law student at the University of Oklahoma College of Law. RJ is a Constitutional Conservative Republican and the first 912 Liberty Candidate in the nation. He has appeared on Fox News’ Freedom Watch twice with Judge Andrew Napolitano and been the featured guest on conservative/libertarian talk-radio programs across the country.

Highlights of End the Fed Rallies November 22nd

This post is in progess at present; so if your city is not listed yet with video and you want to help comment below and provide the links please!

Special thanks to all who have helped so far and to all who made these rallies such a success.  Please keep educating friends and neighbors and sharing our message with facts and figures and a lot of love!

Houston, Texas

November 22, 2009

Paula Stang at the Houston End The Fed Rally gives a brief but poignant history of the federal reserve system.  She is doing her thesis on topic and I am sure she will educate many in the process!

Erik Prejean at the Houston End The Fed Rally talks about sound money vs failures of the federal reserve system.  Powerful speaker!

Adam Kokesh at the Houston End The Fed Rally talks about what Capitalism really is and is not. Revolution is a phenomenon of hearts and minds.  This Revolution is a shift to freedom and understanding and love.

Ron Paul at the Houston End The Fed Rally talks about the proper role of government – LIMITED!

OKC, Oklahoma

November 22, 2009

RJ Harris at the OKC End the Fed Rally takes a look at the creation of the federal reserve system and the proper Constitutional restraints  – no massive federal bureaucracy ever intended!


Nathan Dahm at the OKC End the Fed Rally


Ryan Underwood at the OKC End the Fed Rally


Porter Davis at the OKC End the Fed Rally (part 1 of 2)


Rep. Charles Key at the OKC End the Fed Rally


More videos from the OKC End the Fed Rally here – special thanks to Bobby, Chelsea,  and Ron Paul Kessler for making the event a great success.

Tulsa – Sign Wave (photos soon)

What Would Gen George Washington do in Afghanistan; Lose the Battle, Win the War?

rjharrissquareGeorge-Washington-Miss-Me-Yet-225x300Reprinted –  by RJ Harris

(U.S. Congressional Candidate in Oklahoma 4th District)

For over 200 years we Americans have fought and died for our freedom. It then comes as a shock to us when others will not do the same for their own freedom. The lesson to re-learn here is that freedom is not free. Neither would we have it if we were not willing to sacrifice considerable blood and treasure to earn it, and to keep it, nor will other peoples appreciate it if they have not paid its heavy price.

When the Taliban controlled the Afghan Government, there was reason for the Afghanis not to fight. They would have had little chance standing alone against that regime. However, lately there are more than 100k NATO soldiers in Afghanistan and still the people refuse to help win their freedom or secure peace in their own land. The simple question is why, and the simple answer, which is usually the most correct, is that they do not want freedom or peace badly enough to sacrifice for it especially when there are others willing to do it for them. Can you imagine the French fighting for us in our own Revolution, and then occupying us afterwards to make sure we didn’t mess things up? Unfortunately, this is exactly what have been doing in Afghanistan.

Now If we conclude that helping the Afghanis win their freedom from totalitarian oppression when they have been barely willing to aid us in that effort is not reason enough for us to be there, but winning the war on terror is, then the question becomes, ‘do we need to occupy Afghanistan to capture and kill terrorists that traffic their trade from there’? Certainly not! The rugged mountainous terrain of Afghanistan, heavily populated with people sympathetic to him, is the enemy’s ground and he is happy to fight us there. Conversely, movement abroad, outside of his safe-havens, is our ground and we have the combat power projection capability to make all of that our battle space. Add to that our Congresses authority to grant letters of Marque and Reprisal to bounty hunters and privateers and there will be almost nowhere a terrorist can travel without exposing himself to death or capture.

My detractors will say that we must stay in Afghanistan or else we will lose the “war on terror.” Whenever you hear someone utter these words realize that what they really mean is that mistakes must never be acknowledged lest they be exposed as mistakes. In General Washington’s day, there were many who argued that if he left New York, or left Philadelphia then he lost the war. But Washington knew that losing his army to push a horrible position would be what really lost the war, so he withdrew on both occasions. The best commanders know that you only commit your soldiers to the battle when the outcome is unquestionably in your favor before the first shot is fired. They also know that you should never fight on ground of the enemies choosing. And they also know that you should never be where the enemy expects you to be. General Washington employed this last stratagem to great effect crossing the Delaware on Christmas night to take the Hessian mercenaries un-aware. Currently, we are breaking all of these axioms of war in Afghanistan and we are paying the price for that in blood.

Moreover, Constitutionally speaking there is no war in Afghanistan. Our Congress has yet to declare one nor expressed their desired “end state” to the President. This dereliction of Constitutional duties regarding war making powers has led to considerable and unnecessary losses for our soldiers in the field and their families. Our founders knew that, left to their own, executives–be they kings or presidents–would engage in military adventures for the sake of their own aggrandizement. To prevent this, Article I Section 8 of the Constitution gives the power to declare war only to the Congress. The President may defend us and our property and he may do so vigorously. However, offensive military actions, invasions or retaliations are considered by the community of nations to be acts of war. Since acts of war commit a nation to war…only Congress can authorize them since, as mentioned above, only Congress can declare war.

Our nation’s foreign policy actions over the last decade have set horrible legal and unconstitutional precedents for future administrations and legislatures to exploit. One can hardly imagine President Washington sending an army to fight in Europe without a legal declaration of war from the Congress. At that time such an action was not the kind of thing that should not be done…it was an action that could not be done. These unconstitutional doors, opened on our watch and left open for the less scrupulous, must be closed immediately.

Lastly, when war is legally and constitutionally declared, we must not yield to arguments that define winning as only achievable by forcing the continuance of an untenable position. We must commit to battle only when we know the outcome in advance. We must fight on ground that we choose. And we must never, ever, be where the enemy expects us to be. Today in Afghanistan we are exactly where the enemy expects us to be. They engage us and withdraw at their discretion. They control the operational tempo and they have way more of our resources pinned down than we do of theirs. General Washington lost more battles than he won. But he won the Revolution because he learned that winning one battle is not worth losing the war. Knowing this, I believe that he would choose to withdraw from the battle in Afghanistan if it meant that he could win the war on terror…assuming of course that the Congress ever gets around to actually declaring said war.

About RJ Harris :

RJ Harris is a currently serving nineteen-year Oklahoma Army National Guard Officer, two-time Iraq War Veteran and U.S. Congressional Candidate for Oklahoma’s 4th Congressional District. He is a University of Oklahoma graduate in Philosophy and a second year law student at the University of Oklahoma College of Law. RJ is a Constitutional Conservative Republican and the first 912 Liberty Candidate in the nation. He has appeared on Fox News’ Freedom Watch twice with Judge Andrew Napolitano and been the featured guest on conservative/libertarian talk-radio programs across the country.

JC Watts in Tulsa Oklahoma tonight



Former Congressman J.C. Watts to Speak in Tulsa
Seats are still available for the upcoming “An Evening with JC Watts”.
The Oklahoma Republican Party and State Party Chairman Gary Jones cordially invites you to the first “GET OUT THE VOTE” fund raiser for the Oklahoma Republican Party.
Join us at
Hilton Tulsa Southern Hills
7902 S. Lewis
(Across from ORU)
Tulsa, OK

Thursday, October 15, 2009
6:00 PM to 7 PM – Reception
7 PM to 9:00 PM – Dinner
Sponsorship Levels:
Diamond: $5,000
Gold : $2,500
Silver: $1,000
Dinner & Reception: $125, or $250 Couple
Dinner Only: $50, or $100 Couple
Click here to purchase your ticket on line or you can RSVP to Carol at (405) 528-3501
Mail response with payment to:
4301 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Nathan Dahm said that he will be attending the event.  He was told volunteers for the event would be given tickets; so ask if you can help if you want to attend and cannot afford to do so in these tough economic times! It should be a grand affair and we all look forward to reports on the wonderful politics and festivities with our great Tulsa Team and an evening with JC Watts!  As you may know some were encouraging him to run for Governor, but who would want to challenge Randy Brogdon with his clarion state sovereignty position and strong constitutional expertise for all of Oklahoma Republicans to rally around.  We appreciate this opportunity to unite the party around values we can all agree on as we move forward into the primary season!

For Liberty Examines the Kingmakers

J. Bradley JansenJ. Bradley Jansen

Director of the Center for Financial Privacy and Human Rights

For Liberty Examines the Kingmakers

For Liberty, a documentary of the Ron Paul grassroots movement, deserves attention.  Ron Paul enthusiasts will recognize familiar names and faces and relive unforgettable moments, and students of elections, campaign managers and political activists of all persuasions should see it.  Everyone concerned with the direction of the country and the breakdown of political discourse would find something moving. The seeds of this grassroots movement are still growing.

One Amazon customer review lauds, “this movie simply and eloquently captured the passions of an unlikely coalition of people from all across the political spectrum who quickly came together in response to a uniquely American message, and who unexpectedly, enthusiastically and sometimes haphazardly ended up immersing themselves entirely in a political campaign.”  Why then did the campaign do so poorly?  “The grassroots felt [the official campaign staff] were at best incompetent” protested Adam de Angeli of the Campaign for Liberty, the remnant of the official presidential campaign on which he worked.  He then doth protested too much defending the failures of the official campaign in a documentary about the grassroots.  Incoherently, de Angeli criticizes the documentary for avoiding examining mistakes while still harboring delusions that the official Ron Paul presidential campaign brought “hundreds” of Republican National Convention delegates in its fight for the nomination (Green Papers shows Ron Paul winning only 20 of 2,380 delegates with 15 final votes).

This movie puts faces on the people demanding a radical change towards a more moderate government.  Ross Perot mined this good government vein in his two presidential bids with a call to put our own house in order before promising new grandiosities and foreign interventionism.  About two-thirds of Americans are angry at government solutions and do not think either party has the answers according to a recent Rasmussen poll.  Recently Joe Scarborough revisited a 2003 economic prediction from his guest Ron Paul that warned that if we were to continue to inflate this bubble we would have our housing crisis with damage world-wide; Arianna Huffington went out of her way to agree with Dr. Paul.

People now protesting against the bailouts, out of control government spending and out of touch politicians in both parties show the movement has grown beyond the Ron Paul “r3volution.”  A few hundred thousand people, by my best estimates, recently converged on the Capitol for the Tea Party protests.  David Brooks explains these Jeffersonian roots.  In my unscientific poll of the 9/12 Tea Party protesters, few recognized Ron Paul’s name and nearly all of those who did were dismissive or expressed a highly negative reaction.

Two years ago, my friend Nicholas Sanchez prophetically remarked, “This political train-wreck Republicans face can largely be traced to Bush’s philosophical metamorphosis from a traditional, non-interventionist conservative to the neoconservatives’ exemplar of a ‘War President’, and his positioning of the Republicans as the ‘War Party’.”  In fact, polls and other indicators increasingly show both a resurgence of conservatism as well as disillusionment with the Republican Party.  After Dr. Paul warned the party has lost its way, the Republicans suffered a crushing defeat.  Support for foreign wars has since plummeted to an all-time low says CNN.

For Liberty: How the Ron Paul Revolution Watered the Withered Tree of Liberty introduces us to the people who decide elections and the future of the country–not just the activists but the swing voters.  A 2006 study by David Boaz and David Kirby found that about a fifth of voters hold generally libertarian views.  Grover Norquist labels it the “leave us alone” coalition.  The pieces of a political realignment waiting to happen are wonderfully edited on screen.  As Ron Paul demurred, “it was the message not the man”: liberty is popular and the constitution brings us together.

With a third of the country behind one of the two major parties, For Liberty examines the people standing in the middle who decide elections.  Those who want to win over increasingly discriminating voters in 2010 and 2012 should study this movie.  As one woman in the film explains, the more they talk with their neighbors the more they find they agree.  The Rovian approach of divide and conquer loses in the endFor Liberty beautifully shows us what Markos Mousitlas called the only true people-powered campaign in 2008.


Midwest Liberty Fest

See the movie & meet the producers!

Midwest Liberty Fest Banner

Midwest Liberty Fest Banner

[Editor’s note:  This review was also carried in the Huffington Post and was reprinted here in its entirety with the author’s permission.  J. Bradley has been a friend of mine via the forums for several years and is very expertised in financial and privacy issues as well as parliamentary procedure and capitol hill rules and operational methods.  Special thanks for the insight and the review!/sc]


New Documentaries Impacting Liberty Movement Coming Soon!

If you are interested in seeing a showcase of the talent found within the grassroots liberty movement, the Midwest Liberty Fest is the place to be this October 9, 10, 11.  At this time, the event organizers have confirmed the screening of four documentaries produced by grassroots activists from all across the nation; For Liberty, A New America, Camp FEMA, and  and a yet unnamed documentary on video surveillance we are calling “Eye in the Sky”.  Never before have freedom activists and constitutional scholars had the opportunity to see such an amazing showcase of high caliber liberty oriented movies.

The Midwest Liberty Fest is pleased to bring you these creative, original and dynamic dawnlibpeace signdocumentaries.  The draft schedule for the weekend can be found online.   Tickets for the entire weekend events can be obtained securely online for a suggested donation of $20.  This family friendly event will provide the opportunity for concerned citizens to learn about the issues of today, develop their activist skills, listen to liberty oriented music and participate in many exciting activities.

A summary of each documentary can be found below.

For Liberty
As the 2007-08 presidential campaign cycle offered up the usual slate of Washington insiders, Ron Paul, an obscure Congressman from Texas brought an alternative voice that challenged the political establishment.

Advocating a philosophy of sound money, a non-interventionist foreign policy, strict Constitutionalism, and individual liberty, Dr. Paul inspired a unique grassroots movement unmatched in American history – the repercussions of which continue to reverberate today and into the future of the American psyche.

For Liberty, How the Ron Paul Revolution Watered the Withered Tree of Liberty follows this historic campaign from the perspective of grassroots activists, and showcases the unique, often bizarre, yet groundbreaking projects they undertook as they brushed aside traditional campaign methodology.

For more information: For Liberty Movie

A New America
The United States economy reached a meltdown point in September 2008. A Republican President and Democratic Congress passed a massive bill to bail out banks. Many Americans were shocked that the wealthiest country in the world could be in so much financial trouble overnight. This financial crisis occurred at a point when many Americans were already looking for change in their government and an election provided the opportunity.

Then Candidate Barack Obama promised to turn the page and take America in a new direction. A majority of voters were receptive to this message. Congressional leaders pledged to work with their new President to help his vision become reality.

Americans made a similar choice in 1932, when the economy was in a serious downturn. Franklin Delano Roosevelt promised a New Deal for America, a series of government programs to turn the economy around. FDR is credited by many historians for having spared the United States from drifting towards the totalitarianism that swept through Europe and other parts of the world at that time.
Barack Obama began his term in office in an atmosphere of heady optimism, in the wake of Abraham Lincoln. Many pointed to the Presidents agenda as the New New Deal and Barack Obama himself promised fundamental change.

And one cold January day, we embarked on the path to a new America…

For more information visit: A New America Movie

RJ Harris Candidate for Congress Oklahoma CD04

In a country born out of political dissent, we watch our leaders in Washington slowly pass bills that label ordinary Americans as thought criminals and potential domestic terrorists for simply questioning the actions of their government.  Senate committee hearings and official FBI documents further illustrate the mindset of our elected officials as they classify homeschoolers, gun rights activists and anti-abortionists as threats against the existing social and political order; by default creating an entire nation of radicals and revolutionaries – where everyone is a suspect… equally guilty until proven otherwise.

How has our government shown that they will deal with these people?  The same way as every other totalitarian regime throughout history… marginalize their activities then lock them all up.  Prisons are being built; internment camps constructed and laws passed that deal severely with anyone who dares to step out of line or ask too many questions.

For more information visit: Camp FEMA

Camp FEMA – Will you go quietly?

Eye In the Sky
This documentary details the surprising level of surveillance endured by the citizens of Lancaster, NH and the fight to preserve the Fourth Amendment rights protecting the right to be secure from unlawful searches.  “Citizens Against Public Surveillance” contend with a textbook case of Fascism as local government aligns with public utilities and corporate big business to create a prison-like surveillance environment.  Produced by Sam Ettaro and RepublicMedia.TV


Midwest Liberty Fest — DuQuoin Illinois — October 9-11 2009