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Got DVDs? Send To Troops in Afghanistan!

As posted here just before Christmas, National Guardsmen (liberty lover, and former candidate for OK’s Fourth Congressional District) RJ Harris let us know via Facebook that he donated a DVD player to his unit’s USO venue and is looking for some DVDs to play on it.

With that in mind, we’ve started “Operation DVD”, to run for the month of January. Please consider looking through your DVD collection and donating a title or two to provide  some entertainment in the off hours to our troops serving under difficult circumstances.

Please send DVDs directly to RJ at the address below – he has committed to taking them to the USO venue and any duplicate titles will be given to an adjacent unit. If you don’t have any used DVDs you’d like to part with, of course new ones would be appreciated! (See below for a tip on sending a new DVD at minimum expense through Amazon.com, addressed correctly for delivery to an AFP.)

CW2 RJ Harris
1-245th AOB
FOB Tarin Kowt
APO AE 09380

We’ve started a Facebook event to help us get the word out, so if you have an account, help us out by “RSVPing”, leaving a comment, and sharing the event link with your Facebook friends.

Click to visit the Facebook

Tip on sending a new DVD for minimal expense – and sending to military addresses via Amazon.com:

Amazon.com and other online stores offer free shipping promotions. Another option is to send RJ an Amazon.com gift certificate for the average cost of a DVD.

Here are some special instructions for entering APO addresses at Amazon.com as needed (you enter APO in the city field, AE in the state field, zip code as usual and United States in the country even though shipping overseas).

A Christmas Blessing that will keep on Giving for our Soldiers Overseas

Wise Men Still Seek Him and Give Gifts

Recently RJ Harris let us know online that he had given a DVD player to the USO for his unit in Afghanistan.  Here is what RJ posted there on December 14th:

I donated a DVD player to the Dutch Restaurant which serves as our USO here on MNB-TK. Now we just need to get some movies to watch. If you would like to help out, please donate your old DVD movies for our coalition soldiers to watch during our down time. Send me a fb email and we will set something up. All DVDs I recieve will go to our little theater at the Dutch Restaurant on TK:)

R3s thought it would be nice to let everyone know how they can help them out all year long with videos for great entertainment in their off hours.  They are serving our country in difficult circumstances and we all look forward to their prompt safe return to our shores.  You can now send materials directly to the following address:

CW2 RJ Harris
1-245th AOB
FOB Tarin Kowt
APO AE 09380

Soldiers will be happy to receive the DVDs you no longer want, so use this opportunity to do a little clearing out! And there’s no need to worry about duplicated titles being sent; RJ is going to share duplicates with other units. Don’t have any DVDs you want to part with? A new one would be appreciated, too, of course. You can order things and have them sent directly using the same address via Amazon.com and many other stores often with free shipping for gift certificates (hint hint).  Here are some special instructions for entering APO addresses at Amazon.com as needed (you enter APO in the city field, AE in the state field, zip code as usual and United States in the country even though shipping overseas).

***Of course, prayers are always most welcomed and appreciated ***

The best part of Christmas is blessing others and this is something that can be done now and later too.  It will keep on giving to those serving our country throughout the year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too!

Here is a Merry Christmas from Afghanistan on youtube from other units overseas.  First one is from 2006 and second one 2010.

Music is Dean Martin singing “Silver Bells”

Merry Christmas DDO from Afghanistan

by Tony GOPrano on Dec. 18, 2010, under Politico Mafioso


RJ Harris is a twenty-year Oklahoma Army National Guard Officer serving on his forth overseas deployment and currently stationed to FOB Tarin Kowt for the Afghanistan Surge. RJ is also a University of Oklahoma graduate in Philosophy and a third year law student (3L) at the University of Oklahoma College of Law. He is a Constitutional Conservative and a prominent leader in the nation-wide grassroots Liberty Candidate movement having run a vigorous campaign for Oklahoma’s 4th U.S. Congressional District against incumbent, (R). Tom Cole. RJ has appeared on Fox News’ Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano, before numerous Tea Party candidate panels and been the featured guest on conservative/libertarian talk-radio/blogger talk programs across the country. RJ definitely plans to run for office again in the near future but must first complete his military commitment in Afghanistan.  Visit his website here >>>

Sovereignty Special! Join R3s Friday Night to Listen and Share

click here to see original post on Grassroots in Nebraska

This Friday evening 6-8PM CST, Shelli Dawdy will be filling in as host of the Axxiom for Liberty radio show on Rule of Law Radio Network for Kaye Beach. Sitting in as her co-host for the evening will be Sandra Crosnoe.

We will be discussing the issue of state sovereignty, some of the current issues impacting its status, and ideas for additional action.

Guest Line-Up Includes: Linda Rohman from Nebraska, Amanda Teegarden of OK-SAFE, Oklahoma State Representative and Sovereignty Champion Charles Key, and a very special guest former Oklahoma Congressional District 4 Candidate and currently serving in Afghanistan National Guard Air Traffic Controller Chief RJ Harris.

To listen live to the show on Friday, click on the radio icon on the top of theRule of Law site, or listen live by calling in to 512-485-9010.

Rule of Law is an independent radio network based out of Austin, TX and heard on twenty AM and FM radio stations across the country, online, and via a special call-in number.

Crunch Time in Oklahoma – Primary Vote July 27th! – Endorsements and Reference Links for You to Share


It is crunch time in Oklahoma again!

We encourage you to get out and vote.

Early Voting is NOW!

Primary Election is on Tuesday – July 27th 7AM-7PM

Multiply your vote by sharing info with friends and neighbors.

Add information about your local races.

Share this information via email or phone or over the back fence.

Take a friend to the polls with you on Tuesday.

Oklahoma R3publicans participate with other groups in Oklahoma to provide timely information via OKgrassroots online.  OK R3s are working to restore the republic in the Republican party in Oklahoma. Our state is one of the “reddest” in the nation and we are pleased to be a part of that dynamic.  R3s are grassroots, philosophically constitutional people of principle actively working to inspire Republicans to positive action.  We believe that powers not expressly delegated to the federal government are reserved to the states and to the people.  Our efforts across Oklahoma are focused on limited constitutional government.

We recently published our For the Win in 2010 Series Online

It is worth noting that people working to restore the republic have been involved in all phases of the primary season and are working hard to elect people with constitutional limited government principles, so in one sense this is a formal way of letting everyone know who we have been helping and working with this season.

Candidates in the Spotlight in OK GOP Primary Races 2010

Senate Districts

David McLain District 10 (Pawhuska, Cleveland, Tulsa)

Anthony Sykes District 24 (Moore to Duncan)

Tim Clem District 28 (Seminole, Wewoka, Stroud, Chandler, Jones etc.)

House Districts

Tom Newell District 28 (Seminole County)

Jason Murphey District 31 (Logan County, far North Edmond)

Jay Ramey District 66 (Downtown Tulsa)

Kyle Coulter District 94 (Del City)

Congressional Seats

CD01 Nathan Dahm

CD02 Howard Houchen

CD04 RJ Harris

Statewide Races

Governor Randy Brogdon

State Treasurer Owen Laughlin

Commissioner of Labor Mark Costello

Note:  In races not listed R3s made no endorsement and we did not list uncontested races.

R3PUBLICANS  offer these links as informational sources which may be helpful to you as voters and should not be taken as an endorsement by R3PUBLICANS.  If you know of a good constitutional conservative voter resource, please  add your information to the list below in the comments online!

OK-SAFE Non-Partisan Oklahoma Voter Guide

OCPAC is a well known conservative group in OKC led by Charlie Meadows

League of Women’s Voters of Oklahoma

General Information from the Oklahoma State Election Board

Note:  The primary is where you get to vote for the BEST candidate!

Oklahoma Primary and the Importance Thereof

I’m in Nebraska.

Why do I care what happens in the Oklahoma primary election on July 27?

By Shelli Dawdy (aka StubbornFacts)

While I do have a number of friends and contacts there, that is not what drives my concern. I have come to believe that Oklahoma is at the tip of a spear that for so many reasons, is pointing in the right direction. Oklahoma has a very strong, organic movement comprised of resolute people committed to the Constitution. It is considered by many the home of State Sovereignty and it requires less digging to find some strong legislators at their Capitol than in my own and other states.

Senator Randy Brogdon

State Representative Charles Key and State Senator Randy Brogdon, are at the top of that list; they have taken on issues like State Sovereignty and REAL ID, just to name two.

To see more of this piece continue reading here >>>