Meet the Oklahoma “Chippers” and Follow the Money

Here is the story of HB2569 on Scribd below.  Follow the money and the story of these capitol offenders in 2010.  Meet the “chippers’ and ask yourself if you really want people who want to track you like cattle representing you in any capacity whatsoever.

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Benjamin Franklin  (quoted on statue of liberty)

OK-Safe Action Alert: Override Vote Needed May 11th on HB 2569 RFID

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Time for a cup off coffee with your Democrat Legislator…
The OK House has agreed to vote to override Governor Brad Henry’s veto of HB 2569, the bill prohibiting RFID tags in the OK DL/ID cards.

This vote was originally set for Wednesday, 5/5/10, but has now been moved to Tuesday, 5/11/10.

There is some evidence that the Governor is applying pressure to members of the Democrat caucus not to override his veto on this bill.

So, it’s time for a cup of coffee with the Democrat house members, who head home for the weekends, to ask for a Yes vote on the veto override. This needs to be done either in their home districts or at the Capitol,  especially by the constituents of those districts.

Please call/email/have coffee with the following OK House members before Tuesday, 5/11/10.

STOP BIOMETRICS NOW! Call to Action Oklahoma – Calls needed for HB 2811


COMMITTEE HEARING Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The “Biometric Driver License, Religious Exemption Act” (formerly HB 2943) has been incorporated into HB2811 (Rep. Key – Sen. Brogdon).

This legislation will provide:

  • A religious exemption from biometric identification (NO facial recognition – NO fingerprinting) and wipes existing biometric information
  • Prohibits the Department of Public Safety from retaining the Soc. Sec. Number
  • Prohibits RFID devices from being used in the driver license

If passed into law, this bill would be the first in the nation to actually END THE USE OF BIOMETRICS AND WIPE EXISTING BIOMETRIC DATA

  • Tell them that you support HB2811 that includes the “RELIGIOUS BIOMETRIC EXEMPTION” – Please be respectful! – Thanks!
  • CALL TONIGHT and on Tuesday– The hearing is early Tuesday. We want the voicemail boxes of these Senators to be FULL! If you get a busy signal, try again. A busy signal means our VOICES ARE BEING HEARD.

OK Senate — Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee

Sen. Don Barrington – Chair 405-521-5563

Sen. Steve Russell – Vice Chair 405-521-5618

Sen. Roger Ballenger 405-521-5588

Sen. Mary Easley 405-521-5590

Sen. Jerry Ellis 405-521-5614

Sen. Jim Halligan 405-521-5572


Visit the websites below and sign up for email alerts. Download the “ACTION PACKET” to learn more –  Stop Realid Coalition.  Please support their work.

Special thanks to Kaye Beach for the original post on her website Axioms for Liberty.  Please also visit OK Capitol Investments for more information on more bills being considered at present.

Download, email, share this alert!

Previous history of the measure