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Oklahoma Primary and the Importance Thereof

I’m in Nebraska.

Why do I care what happens in the Oklahoma primary election on July 27?

By Shelli Dawdy (aka StubbornFacts)

While I do have a number of friends and contacts there, that is not what drives my concern. I have come to believe that Oklahoma is at the tip of a spear that for so many reasons, is pointing in the right direction. Oklahoma has a very strong, organic movement comprised of resolute people committed to the Constitution. It is considered by many the home of State Sovereignty and it requires less digging to find some strong legislators at their Capitol than in my own and other states.

Senator Randy Brogdon

State Representative Charles Key and State Senator Randy Brogdon, are at the top of that list; they have taken on issues like State Sovereignty and REAL ID, just to name two.

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Blockwalking in Oklahoma – A Nebraskan’s Perspective

Oklahoma Republican Voters Vocal and Not Happy.

What does that mean?

By Shelli Dawdy

Of course one night walking blocks for a couple of candidates isn’t necessarily an indicator of a trend. But it’s interesting when it coincides with national polling results in at least one important aspect. (See this Gallup poll regarding party affiliation.)

While out walking blocks yesterday in two Oklahoma neighborhoods, several folks either indicated they were no longer Republicans or would not be voting. In one instance, a gentleman who is known to be more liberty-oriented by his neighbors flatly refused to change his registration back to Republican even to vote for liberty-minded candidates. Perhaps that particular fellow is a rarity, its one thing to answer “Independent” to a pollster, it’s another matter to go to the trouble of actually changing one’s voter registration.

Maybe it’s just the particular neighborhoods walked, maybe it’s just Oklahomans as compared to Nebraskans, but when out walking a good chunk of a legislative district in Nebraska in April and May, the people who engaged in conversation didn’t indicate dissatisfaction with the Republican party. In fact, it was largely the opposite. Most simply wanted to know that the candidate was a Republican. It becomes more interesting when another fact is taken into account – because it was a legislative race and Nebraska’s legislature is a Unicameral (purportedly non-partisan), we knocked on EVERY door in neighborhoods. (Of course because we weren’t targeting just registered Republicans, we did get a few negative reactions, but a very few.)

In addition to some OK Republican voters saying that they are no longer Republican, I also encountered another interesting contrast; the number of people who went beyond simply politely accepting the material I was giving them was higher – people wanted to know more. When the candidates’ websites were highlighted on the handouts, there was general interest in visiting those sites.

From my perspective then, the OK voters listed as registered Republicans are either fed up with the party or are at least interested in putting some effort into investigating candidates. Many weren’t aware of the primary election on July 27 but were interested once told.

Of course I can’t be sure what all of this may mean for the July 27 election in Oklahoma, but it seems it might mean one of two things; enough Republicans are so disgruntled they now consider themselves Independents, they may just stay home, or challengers may stand a better chance of pulling off wins in OK than they did in NE. Apparently that seems to hinge upon voters knowing there is a primary and whether the challengers get their names and good information about themselves to those voters.

Voter turnout was low in Nebraska’s May 11 primary. There was clearly a trend by voters there to accept a person with an “R” behind their name. A general lack of inquisitiveness would readily lend itself to a trend that people would vote for the most recognizable name on a ballot and that would be an incumbent. And that’s exactly what happened. Incumbent Republicans won all of the major seats in Nebraska.

Oklahoma state law has set a 60 day deadline in advance of an election for voter registration and that happens to be this Friday.  IF many Republicans actually went to the trouble of changing their party affiliation, it would seem a priority to ensure they change it back to vote for Constitutional, limited government candidates.

Beyond that, anyone who knows of solid candidates, particularly challengers, needs to make an effort to help them get their names and information out to voters, particularly the disgruntled bunch, and motivate them to get to the polls on July 27.

Oklahomans tired of insanely out of control spending and extra-Constitutional governance seem to have some opportunities. The question is…will they take them?

It would be silly of me not to take the opportunity to pitch for the candidates that motivated me to get out and walk. They are Nathan Dahm, who is running for OK’s First Congressional District, and State Senator Randy Brogdon, who is running for Governor. Two other candidates whom I know and heartily support in OK are CD04 Candidate RJ Harris and CD02 Candidate Howard Houchen.

Reprinted with permission from StubbornFacts1776 originally released May 26, 2010

All Politics is Local – Get to Know Your Neighbors!

Ok folks, we’ve had a great few months of high profile events and lots of tea parties at state capitols (rah rah), and groups organizing groups, and folks trying to play king of the mountain.

Well – now it is time for the rubber to meet the road, the boots on the ground to step into action as it were; yes time for real people to do the real work that gets the best candidates elected and works to restore the republic.

So, time to talk to your neighbors and engage with people you can look in the eye and relate to.  There are many ways to do this, but I am going to do a series of stories here on what I am doing and how I am doing it and some personal stories about what comes out of doing so.  I am hoping that you will find a way to replicate it in your area to the extent your time and energy permits.

I am the Republican Party Precinct Chairman in my neighborhood and  I have access to walk lists for it.  Some people only go door to door for Republicans in primary season, but I use it as an opportunity to meet all my neighbors!  I want to reach out to all the folks and find out which ones are conservative, independent, constitutional, liberty lovers and invite them to be a part of the GOP.

Now if you are saying “whoa there”, I am not so happy with the R’s right now, you are not alone!  But that might be because you have not been faithfully showing up and working to make the R’s be who they say they are.  I have and will continue to do so and progress is being made, even if slowly.  You know it is all about who shows up and knows the rules and has the most people there!

So let’s do this together and share stories about how it goes!  Here’s what you need to do:

1)  Call your GOP headquarters and ask who your precinct chair is. Contact that chair and offer to help walk the neighborhood. If they don’t have a precinct chair, then volunteer and ask for a walk list.

2)  Visit with your favorite candidates in the area and ask them for their best door to door flyer and tell them the quantity you can pass out door to door for them.

3)  Get a supply of voter registration cards to have with you and give out as you deem appropriate.  Clearly our goal is not to register Democrats – duh!

4)  Have some personal cards printed with your contact information on it that you wish to share with your neighbors.

5)  Have a clipboard for the walk lists and some lined paper to take notes.  Find out what your neighbors need and are concerned about.  Make notes if you promise to get back to them and be sure you do.  Update incorrect information on the walk lists.  Make notes of prayer requests that are sharable and needs that are sharable and look for ways to solve problems as you go.

6)  Determine when would be the best time of day to do this in your neighborhood and what fits with your schedule and do a few houses a day until you complete the job.  Look for others who want to help and teach them how to do what you are doing.  Find out what blocks they want to walk and make notes and check back with them to see if it has been done!

Some may be skeptical as to the effectiveness of this approach, perhaps. If the articulation above does not convince you as to the necessity of door to door / one on one interaction, then perhaps a video made by progressive Democrats about their efforts might….

Based on trends in recent elections, the Democratic party seems to have the “localism” and shoe leather necessities figured out. Time to catch up!

Have fun getting to know your neighbors and sharing about the great candidates in the mix in 2010.  We are preparing to take back the House and restore State Sovereignty too!  For a really terrific overview of State Sovereignty and why the best decisions are made locally please take a look at Julius Goertzen’s recent testimony in Nebraska here.

For Life and Liberty,

Sandra Crosnoe

Republican Party Precinct 28 Chair

Washington County, Oklahoma

originally posted April 18, 2010 @19:36

Charles Key to Host Randy Brogdon Meet and Greet THIS Thursday in OKC

Likely the two men most respected by liberty-lovers in Oklahoma are Representative Charles Key and Senator Randy Brogdon. This pair of Constitutionalists have worked together in their respective sides of the legislature to strengthen Oklahoma’s Tenth Amendment sovereignty and to protect citizens from government violations of privacy.

Visit Randy Brogdon's website

Visit Charles Key's Facebook Page

With such a working relationship and obvious mutual respect, it comes as no surprise that Charles Key is working to help Randy Brogdon succeed in his bid for the Governor’s seat. Oklahomans in the capital city area will have the opportunity to meet and greet both of these gentlemen this Thursday evening at an event hosted by Representative Key.

All are invited to this casual, come and go event: (share with family, friends and neighbors!)


NW Church of Christ – Family Life Center

3301 NW 23rd ST

Oklahoma City, OK 73127

(For a map to the event location, see the Facebook event link, below)

Date:  Thursday – July 15, 2010

Time: 6:00pm -8:00pm
Senator Brogdon will speak at approximately 6:40pm

If you’re on Facebook, you’re invited to RSVP for the event and share with your Facebook Friends! Just click HERE to visit the event page there.  (RSVP is optional.)

Sooner Republican Assembly – 2010 Endorsements

Report from Saturday, June 26, 2010 – thanks Jared!

The Sooner Republican Assembly (SRA) held its 2010 Endorsing Convention this morning. Twenty-one statewide and local candidates recieved the endorsement of the SRA, which required them to earn 2/3 of the delegates’ votes. Detailed information on the votes is available here. Those winning endorsements are listed below.

* Tom Coburn for US Senate
* R.J. Harris for US House, 4th District
* Kevin Calvey for US House, 5th District
* Randy Brogdon for Governor
* Paul F. Nosak for Lieutenant Governor
* Scott Pruitt for Attorney General
* Owen Laughlin for State Treasurer
* Janet Barresi for State Superintendent of Public Instruction
* Mark Costello for Commissioner of Labor
* John Doak for Insurance Commissioner
* Anthony Sykes for the State Senate
* Norm Seaberg, Kent Hunt, Scott Martin, Randy Terrill, Sally Kern, Charles Key, Mike Reynolds, and Mike Christian for the State House
* David Tinsley for Cleveland County Assessor
* Jim Reynolds for Cleveland County Treasurer

In addition, the SRA delegates endorsed State Questions 746, 747, 748, 750, 751, 752, and 754. They voted against Questions 744 and 757.

Two resolutions were proposed, both of which passed unanimously. The first condemned the recent decision to ban 4th District Congressional candidate R.J. Harris from future Cleveland County Republican Party events. The second was a motion of no confidence in the county’s GOP chair and vice chair.

Winning 100% of the vote were candidate Anthony Sykes; State Questions 746, 750, 751; and the resolutions. Four other candidates earned over 93% of the vote: Randy Brogdon, Owen Laughlin, Janet Barresi, and Mark Costello.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the day was the race for Lieutenant Governor. The field of five includes two state legislators and the 2006 GOP State Superintendent nominee. Yet the endorsement was won by Owasso businessman and political newcomer Paul F. Nosak, who reached the required 2/3 supermajority in the third round of voting. He would eventually receive 75% of the votes.

The full delegate counts for all races considered can be read on our endorsements page.