Truth Transcends Color with Nathan Dahm and Derrick Wilburn on May 31st in Tulsa Oklahoma


Derrick Wilburn

Derrick is the founder, President and Chairman of the Board of the Rocky Mountain Black Tea Party, Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives and His organization’s and personal mission are to bridge the gap that has traditionally existed between conservative political causes and parties and the minority communities in the USA. Through local meetings, film and radio programs, on-the-ground efforts, writing and social media his organizations are delivering the message of conservatism to ethnic minorities, AND, the message of the need to reach minorities to conservatives. An accomplished motivational speaker, Derrick has delivers powerful messages to political and community action groups across the nation.


Saturday, May 31st at SpiritLife Church, 5345 S Peoria Ave, Tulsa, OK 74105, Derrick Wilburn of American Conservatives of Color and Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives will be discussing with us ways in which we can expand the message of conservatism to minority groups around Tulsa and the entire state of Oklahoma!

We will also have a very special guest speaker, State Senator Nathan Dahm.

Candidates for Office, groups, organizations and businesses are welcome to purchase a display table for $100 here:Truth Transcends Color or by emailing TC Ryan at

Admission is FREE!!  RSVP here: Truth Transcends Color



Gov Fallin Wants to Hear From YOU!!!
Call her office 405-521-2342 and ask that she sign HB 3399 to Repeal Common Core.
Option #2 lets you speak to a “live” person. It takes less than 30 seconds – PLEASE CALL today!!
Sandra Crosnoe

I Knew it When I Saw the Little Green Map — Here is the Documentary with Proof!

Green Map updated 081811Remember the little green map?  Here was our story then>>>
A new documentary about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney premiered Friday night at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. During one of the final scenes in the movie, a confession is admitted.Given what has come before it in the film — Romney’s defeatism in the
debates — the scene leaves the impression that perhaps in his heart of
hearts Romney never really believed he could win. That also seems the
message of one of the last scenes of “Mitt,” the day after the election,

when Romney addressed staff at his Boston campaign headquarters. The
old lack of confidence came out again as Romney suggested he never felt
comfortable in the race. He passed on something someone at headquarters
had told him: “In some ways, we kind of had to steal the Republican
 Our party is Southern, evangelical and populist. And you’re
Northern, and you’re Mormon, and you’re rich. And these do not match
well with our party.”
For those that live in a cave (or are Fox News Viewers), there was rampant Election Fraud that took place during the 2012 Republican Primaries. Below is a complete timeline of that fraud:ELECTION FRAUD 2012…
-Significant Evidence of Algorithm Vote Flipping in GOP Primary Elections.…
-2012 Election RIGGED – This is going Viral;=related.
-Ron Paul – Fraud Victim in 2012.
-Nevada Election Fraud Proof In 5 minutes, Nevada GOP Caucus Fraud Voter Rights Violated.;=related
-What Happened to Ron Paul’s Vote in Nevada?;=related
-Ron Paul: Vote Rigged Against Him In Nevada?;=related
-Voting fraud against Ron Paul Victory in North Dakota – Super Tuesday Night 03/06/12.
-GOP voter fraud against Ron Paul 2012 – Clear Evidence.;=relmfu
-Alaska Election Fraud Confirmed Ron Paul Camp Cries Foul 2012 Election Caucus.;=fvwrel
-Ron Paul 100% proof of Maine Election fraud! Ben Swann Reality Check WXIX FOX 2/15/12;=related.
-Maddow: Proof Ron Paul Was Robbed In Maine.;=related
-Ron Paul Openly Calls GOP Election Fraud.;=related
-Ron Paul Talks About Election Fraud on Columbia, MO Radio 03/16/12.
-Ron Paul: Their Shenanigans Won’t Stop Us.
-Rachel Maddow “I’m delegate shenanigans worried”.
-“Rig a state convention if you have to, I mean that’s what insiders do” – Chris Todd, MSNBC.
-Admit It: The Elections Are Rigged.;=related
-Iowa Caucuses RIGGED! Cover up Ron Paul Win!;=related
-Ron Paul Won New Hampshire Rigged 88% Poll on CNN.;=related
-Ron Paul wins 90% of the vote in a poll in Birmingham, Alabama.
-This is what happened when I tried to cast my vote today… – Ron Paul 2012.
-Voter Fraud in Alabama? Memory Cards Switched!
-Delegate Vote Anomaly In Alabama VERIFIED!…
-Ron Paul Ballots in Idaho Thousands Missing.
-Ron Paul Supporters Observe the Vote at Kansas Caucuses – March 10 2012.;=related
-Vote Fraud at the Iowa Caucus – Eye Witness Call to Alex Jones.;=related
-Iowa vote was a fraud Ron Paul Won that one.;=relatedd
-Iowa Vote Count Observer Claims Fraud Helped Romney Win.;=related
-CONFIRMED: Voter Fraud Found in 8 Precincts’ in Iowa Caucuses! 1/19/12;=related
-What do you mean the numbers don’t match?;=related
-Iowa Caucus STOLEN from Ron Paul?;=related
-New Voter Fraud Dead People Voting South Carolina – Zombies Voting?
-Dead People Receive Ballots in NH Primary.
-Ron Paul Wolfeboro NH reported voting fraud 1/10/12.;=related
-MORE Ron Paul Election Fraud 3-24-12 GOP Vote Rigging Hidden Cam.;=player_em…
-Ron Paul Election Fraud ADMITTED Hidden Cam Bryan Spencer St Charles GOP.;=related
-GOP Election Fraud Against Ron Paul at Missouri Clay County 3.17.12 • Must See •.;=player_em…
-Voter Fraud Declared at Christian County, Missouri GOP Caucus.;=player_em…
–Breaking News: Athens-Clarke County, GA Republican Delegate Fraud.;=player_em…
-Ben Swann – Ron Paul Supports got evidence of Election fraud – Missouri and Georgia.
-Ben Swann Explains Missouri Delegate Election Fraud Reality Check Ron Paul.
-Missouri Caucus Rigged Fraud, NO Camera’s Allowed Ron Paul Mitt Romney Voters Election St Charles.;=relmfu
-Reality Check North Dakota Caucus railroaded to give majority of delegates to Romney?
-Fraud Charges Filed Over Puerto Rico Primary in San Juan Supreme Court.…
-Goldman Employees Donated $1 Million to Obama Campaign.…
-Goldman Sachs’ $1 Million Man: Mitt Romney’s Ties To A ‘Toxic And Destructive’ Bank.…
-Illumination: the Secret Religion – Goldman Sachs.
-Just How Corrupt Will The United States Voting System Be In 2012? – VIRALIZE;=player_em…
-Bain Capital Owns Clear Channel (Romney Supported by Talk Show sphere).…
Professor Murray Sabrin admits Ron Paul MEDIA BLACKOUT by the Federal Reserve.
-Ballot Box Switcheroo?;=player_em…
-Ron Paul delegates sabotaged by surprise slate full of Santorum delegates at Congressional Assembly.;=related
-2012 Wyoming Republican State Convention – Erroneous ballots cast purposely.;=player_em…
-Mitt Romney Caught Giving Free Sub Sandwiches For Votes! IT’S A FELONY!
-Voter Fraud Revealed Against Ron Paul – Interview with an Arizona Congressional District Delegate.;_source=message
-Charlie Cheater: all relevant data found so far. | Peace. Gold. Liberty | Ron Paul 2012.…
-Romney Passing Out FAKE Ron Paul Slates At Nevada Republican Convention – 5/6/12.;_source=message
-Oklahoma GOP continues national trend of disenfranchising Paul supporters.…
-annebeck58 says:
June 5, 2012 at 6:22 pmAs one who worked as a judge in the primary of Texas, in Austin, yet in
a highly Old-Guard-GOP Neocon area, I can attest to the FACT that at
least 66 percent of those who voted Republican voted for PAUL.
I will, to my last day, know and state that the GOP actively flipped the votes for Romney and against Paul.
-Police assault and arrest Ron Paul supporters in Louisiana (VIDEO)

Read More:

Sodahead link here >>>

R3 addition to the list:RNC 2012 Teleprompter

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Christianity Today Interviews Ron Paul: Hot Topics for Church Leaders to Face

Q & A: Ron Paul on Leaving the Episcopal Church, and Whether to Legislate Abortion, Narcotics, & Same-Sex Marriage
The congressman who won the Values Voters Summit straw poll tells CT that he believes marriage is a sacrament but laws cannot change morality.
Interview by Sarah Pulliam Bailey in Washington, D.C. | posted 10/10/2011 10:09AM

Texas Rep. Ron Paul won a straw poll at the Family Research Council’s Values Voters Summit on October 8, receiving 37 percent of the vote at the social conservative convention. Family Research Council President Tony Perkins downplayed the results some, saying that 600 people registered Saturday morning left after Paul spoke. “I think people are still in the process of deciding where they want to go,” Perkins told reporters. Herman Cain took 23 percent and former Sen. Rick Santorum took 16 percent. Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann won 8 percent while former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney received 4 percent of the vote.

In his speech, Paul emphasized personal responsibility, using the example of Jesus’ response to prostitution. “He didn’t call for more laws. But he was very direct and thought that stoning was not the solution to the problem of prostitution,” he told the crowd. “So do laws take care of these things, or do we need a better understanding of our Christian values and our moral principles?” In an interview withChristianity Today following his speech, Paul explained why he doesn’t think the government can create morality.

Read more here >>>

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Updating the Green Map showing the People’s President — Republican Ron Paul

The media is being unmasked for all the world to see by the little green map! Here’s an update and you can see the landslide only growing. At some point you have to begin to question everything you hear on the main stream media when confronted with this kind of information.

Here is our original post several days ago.

Here is the updated green map via Topix.

NATIONAL VOTE (as of 08/18/11)

Paul 27047
Gingrich 5897
Cain 3202
Bachmann 2484
Romney 2393
Santorum 1042
Huntsman 432
Pawlenty 337


President’s Day Money Bomb for Liberty PAC

Donate now! (this graphic is animated on Daily Paul)

February 18, 2011 

Dear Friend,

A great man was born 279 years ago.

George Washington was a freedom fighter, a leader, and one of our greatest Presidents. But, much of General Washington’s greatness was marked not by what he did, but by what he chose not to do.

He could have been a King.

Instead, he stood for Liberty and stepped aside after eight years, allowing our young Republic to grow into the greatest nation in Human history.

2012 offers our movement a tremendous opportunity. Our nation is beset with crippling debt, an out of control federal government, and a foreign policy that weakens our national defense and isolates us from the world.

But with hard work and determination, we can change course and turn our country back toward Liberty and all of its rewards.

Quite frankly, we need to elect a President in 2012 who will do a lot less: less meddling in the economy, less spending, less warrantless ransacking, less bailing out of Wall Street, less inflating, and less foreign aid and overseas intervention.

We need a President who will respect our Constitution, not someone who simply pays lip service to our traditions.

Because I want a President who does so much less, a lot of people ask me if this means I want a weak President.

My answer is “No!” I want a strong President – a President like George Washington.

I want a President strong enough NOT to take power he should not have.

It is no secret that I am weighing my personal political options for 2012, and that I am relying on Liberty PAC to fund my efforts while I make important decisions.

Monday, February 21st, is Presidents’ Day, which celebrates George Washington’s birthday, and we hope to make it one to remember.

On Monday, Liberty PAC will host its first-ever Money Bomb. Please mark it on your calendar and consider contributing. If we all come together and pitch in, we can take our country back from the statists that are stealing our Liberty and shredding our Constitution.

The next few months will be critical to ensuring a successful political operation for the 2012 cycle. I hope you will join me by making this Presidents’ Day, February 21st, truly special.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul


For Life and Liberty,
Sandra Crosnoe for R3publicans

Surprise = NOT — Now I am Mad! Ron Paul Deserves the Chair

Someone needs to be severely reprimanded for even attempting to play games with this process and cheat us out of a leader who might actually hold their feet to the fire.  We all know that Ron Paul deserves to chair the House Financial Services Committee panel that oversees monetary policy.  Make calls to Boehner’s office and share some thoughts with him on the matter please!  This article on RedStateEclectic gives the details:

Tea Party Radical Rangers: Activate!

So here we are, the red-headed stepkids in the GOP.  The elected elite love our message (well, not the foreign policy part, which they intentionally downplayed) during the campaign season, but now that the election is over?

From Businessweek:

Five GOP leadership aides, speaking anonymously because a decision isn’t final, say incoming House Speaker John Boehner has discussed ways to prevent Paul from becoming chairman or to keep him on a tight leash if he does.

(Be sure to click the link. Judd Gregg (RINO – NH)  is apparently a banking stooge.)

Contact John Boehner:
(513)-779-5400 or (202)225-4000

Contact Eric Cantor:
(202) 225-2815 or (804) 747-4073

I can’t begin to tell you how ticked I am about this.  If the GOP followed their own rules, Ron Paul would be sliding into the seat that Barney Frank is leaving. (To get really technical, he should be sliding back into that seat, since it should have been his during the Bush years, too.)  But like most of you, I was happy they were finally giving him a subcommittee. No point in complaining about that other thing, especially if Rep Paul wasn’t making it an issue.

Read more >>>

[Editor’s note:  the illustration is from David Dees illustration for a book cover which you can learn more about by visiting his website.  It is widely known and appreciated in END the FED circles which is a growing cry as people learn more about the ‘Federal Reserves System’ which isn’t federal and doesn’t have any reserves and needs to be audited.]

SA@TAC – Rating Conservative “Ratings”

Southern Avenger @ The American Conservative

(aka Jack Hunter)

Republican politicians who tout their American Conservative Union rating do so to distract from their big government record and are citing a ranking system that essentially means nothing.

[editorial commnent: Southern Avenger just keeps getting better and better! we ♥ you Jack Hunter!]


Oklahoma R3s Endorse Howard Houchen in CD02 – For the Win in 2010!

For the Win in 2010 Series Note: This is the first in a series of endorsements to be released by Oklahoma R3s. It is worth noting that many people working to restore the republic have been involved in all phases of the primary season and are working hard to elect people with constitutional limited government principles, so in one sense this is a formal way of letting everyone know who we have been helping and working with this season.

Press Release for Immediate Release

Subject:  Oklahoma R3publicans Endorse Howard Houchen for Congress in CD02

Oklahoma R3publicans are working to restore the republic in the Republican party in Oklahoma. Our state is one of the “reddest” in the nation and we are pleased to be a part of that dynamic.  R3s are grassroots, philosophically constitutional people of principle actively working to inspire Republicans to positive action.  We believe that powers not expressly delegated to the federal government are reserved to the states and to the people.  Our efforts across Oklahoma are focused on limited constitutional government.

In Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District, Howard Houchen rose up early to call out Dan Boren for his bailout vote in public venues [video link here].  For many months, Howard has been traveling his widespread district and beyond, spreading the message of limited, Constitutional government.  His commitment to reaching out to young and old, R’s and D’s, conservative and liberal, proves he would make a conscientious representative in Congress.  In addition to his winning approach to working with people, he is a dynamic speaker, and more importantly, thoughtful and well-read on the issues.  Howard’s work ethic and thorough approach to research provide him with important skills necessary to be a measured legislator.  He will serve District 2 well.

Sandra Crosnoe said on behalf or OKR3s,  “We are pleased to extend our Oklahoma R3publican endorsement to Mr. Howard Houchen for Congress and pray for him to have great favor from the people and from our Heavenly Father.  As Howard does his part so must we do ours for the win in 2010!”

Howard Houchen’s website contains additional information on issues and events.  He can be contacted via email to houchen2010[at]gmail[dot]com.

Sandra Crosnoe serves on the policy board for R3publicans and can be reached via email to sandiec99[at]hotmail[dot]com. Oklahoma R3publicans participate with other groups in Oklahoma to provide timely information via OKgrassroots online.

Special thanks to Howard Houchen and his guys for making this All American Garage Door, INC. Custom Hand Crafted Masterpiece "Republican - Restore * Renergize * Reignite" Display Garage Door and sharing it with us online!

Oklahoma: Primary Filing Deadline Past Now Off to the Races

R3 LogoThis week in Oklahoma candidates filed for primary slots for an election that will occur on July 27th.  R3publicans have been working with many candidates for months now;  working to restore the GOP to limited government, constitutional principles of a day gone by and sorely needed again.  With filing past and the goal post just up ahead, it seems appropriate to profile some of the folks you will have an opportunity to help in the next few weeks (many of you are already doing so!).

Here are their banners with links to their websites and excerpts from their press releases this week:

Senator Randy Brogdon for Governor

Brogdon will forgo a third term in the Senate in his quest to become the next Governor.

Brogdon says his determination to reduce the size of government sets him apart from his rivals in both parties, “I am the only candidate who is truly interested in smaller government,” said Brogdon. “I won’t be proposing very many task forces or conferences, I am proposing solutions to Oklahomans.”

A top priority in a Brogdon Administration will be setting Oklahoma, on what Brogdon calls, “a sustainable growth cycle. If we would prevent government from growing three or four times faster than the economy we wouldn’t go through these harsh budget cuts every four or five years.”

“The budget process should be about setting priorities and planning for the future,” said Brogdon. “As Governor I will not let it become a race to spend all the money on bigger government.”

Brogdon believes Oklahoma needs a new tax structure, along with new limits on spending. “Our current income tax system taxes earnings and discourages achievement, we should tax consumption, not savings or reinvestment,” said Brogdon. He proposes an end user tax on sales and services. “However, groceries and prescription drugs would be exempt from any tax and fuel taxes would remain at current level, and other steps, to limit any impact on lower or fixed income households.”


Nathan Dahm for Congress CD01

Nathan Dahm, a former missionary and current resident of Broken Arrow, has filed to run for Oklahoma’s 1st Congressional seat, currently held by John Sullivan.  When asked by reporters why he would challenge a sitting Republican, Dahm replied: “I know Reagan’s 11th commandment was ‘speak no ill of your fellow Republicans’, but you can’t be a Republican and be for big government. John Sullivan voted for the TARP bankers bailout which cost the taxpayers seven hundred billion dollars. That is not small government, it is not Constitutional, and it is not Republican.”

Dahm has been a grassroots activist for several years and is a Teaparty candidate, both of which have helped propel his ground campaign, winning him the Bixby straw poll by 15% with Dahm capturing 47% to Sullivan’s 32%. He also recently launched what his campaign is calling his “Oath to Oklahoma”, which is a list of pledges including: are a self-imposed term-limit of 6 years, defense of the right to keep arms, repealing of the 16th amendment income tax,  and a commitment to enlist in the military upon his vote to go to war.

When asked what separates him from Sullivan, Dahm said: “I am a fighter and I will stand up for the people and have their voice heard in Washington D.C. I will not cower down, keep silent, or vote in violation of the Constitution. I will truly represent the people and serve them whole heartedly.”


Howard Houchen for Congress CD02

“A lot of thought went into this,” Houchen said. “I am not a career politician and going up against a third-generation politician is, at first, a daunting proposition.  But the more I looked beyond Boren’s rhetoric and looked at his actual voting record, it is clear that he is no longer representing the constituents who elected him.  While he comes home and complains about the liberal direction of Washington, he personally facilitates that liberal agenda by voting not once, but three times for Nancy Pelosi to become the third most powerful person in the country. When important debates have occurred this year on the floor of the House, such as with Cap & Trade and the Health Overhaul Bill, Boren sat silently in the Chamber for hours, refusing to come to the microphone in front of Pelosi to speak out on the record in defense of our state and citizens. Now he admits he does not want the bad law passed to be overturned and proposals to actually improve healthcare to be introduced.”

Houchen continues, “With no true representative of the people for District 2, I feel I must, as someone who understands the Constitution and its clear directives on personal liberty, state sovereignty, and specific limits to federal government’s intrusion on the lives of citizens, run for office to help put a stop to the massive central-planning power grab taking place in Washington.  Boren has been an active voter in support of big government spending in the face of burgeoning deficits that will cause crippling tax burdens on both this and future generations. Boren touts his fiscal conservatism and claims he is a ‘blue dog’, but his actions on spending bills show clearly his belief that the DC bureaucracy should extend into every aspect of our lives, and that more of our dollars should leave Oklahoma to fund government’s growth. He has forgotten the farmers, the ranchers, the doctors, the oilmen, the small business owners who elected him in District 2 to represent our conservative Oklahoma values, and to protect the state’s rights and freedom that Oklahomans hold dear.”


RJ Harris for Congress CD04

Witnessing such events as the economic melt-down of September 2008 and the response of elected officials such as Congressional District 4’s current representative, Tom Cole, motivated Harris to enter the race. “Tom Cole showed the people of Oklahoma that he can’t be trusted to make the right decisions under pressure,” notes Harris.

Candidate Harris believes his long experience as an air-traffic control chief, especially in active combat, provides him with the skills necessary to make tough decisions. Coupled with his understanding of the proper role of government and straight forward approach to communicating with voters, Harris believes his message will resonate.

This Friday night there will be a forum, open to registered Cleveland County Republican voters which includes a straw poll.


Mark Costello for Labor Commissioner

Costello heads USA Digital Communications, a technology based company he founded in 1998 and licensed as a common carrier in over 40 states.“The current state of the Oklahoma economy calls for sound business decisions. I have started and ran several successful businesses over the last two decades. I want to bring my successful common sense business approach to address problems of state government,” said Costello.

“The office of Labor Commissioner is the one elected state office that has a legal responsibility to promote job creation. Under state law, one of the duties of the Commissioner of Labor is to ‘advance opportunities of wage earners for profitable employment,’” stated Costello.

“According to a recent newspaper report, jobs are the number one issue for most of the candidates for governor. The level of unemployment is unacceptable. As Oklahoma’s next Labor Commissioner, I will apply my business knowledge to advance meaningful reforms that foster and promote private sector job creation in Oklahoma,” stated Costello.



For more information:
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California: John Dennis ready to take on Pelosi!

[1:11AM 06/09/10 Reposting with Editor’s note:  Congratulations just sent to John Dennis on his primary win – see his facebook page since the MSM is not giving timely results on this wonderful victory!]

John Dennis, an accomplished businessman and entrepreneur, has been a pro-liberty Republican for a quarter century.

Born in Jersey City, the son of a longshoreman and a city hall clerk, he grew up in one of the city’s toughest public housing projects.

After graduating from Fordham University with a degree in business administration, John co-founded Humanscale, which became one of the world’s top 10 design firms, specializing in office ergonomics.

After a varied career in global development and marketing, John created Foundation Real Estate, a San Francisco-based investment company with domestic and international holdings.

He is the founder of the San Francisco chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus and currently the head of the Campaign for Liberty San Francisco.

John is a board member of the Republican Liberty Caucus California, has served as an alternate on the San Francisco Republican Central Committee and is a member of the National Rifle Association.

His campaign experience includes voter contact coordination with Mike DeNunzio for San Francisco Supervisor and Harmeet Dhillon for California Assembly

In 2008, he served as Phonebank and Get Out the Vote Director for the Ron Paul Presidential campaign in San Francisco.

John, his wife Heather and daughter Devan, make their home in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco.

[Reposted from his website About page – visit John Dennis 2010 for more information! Originally published on: Jun 7, 2010 @ 20:11]