• Truth Transcends Color with Nathan Dahm and Derrick Wilburn on May 31st in Tulsa Oklahoma

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  • Fox Poll Map with Ron Paul green 2011

    I Knew it When I Saw the Little Green Map — Here is the Documentary with Proof!

  • Christianity Today Interviews Ron Paul: Hot Topics for Church Leaders to Face

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  • Updating the Green Map showing the People’s President — Republican Ron Paul

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  • President’s Day Money Bomb for Liberty PAC

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  • Surprise = NOT — Now I am Mad! Ron Paul Deserves the Chair

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  • SA@TAC – Rating Conservative “Ratings”

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  • Oklahoma R3s Endorse Howard Houchen in CD02 – For the Win in 2010!

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  • Oklahoma: Primary Filing Deadline Past Now Off to the Races

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  • California: John Dennis ready to take on Pelosi!

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