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OK-SAFE Gives Heads Up on ‘Pairing’ of U.S. Governors to Chinese Party Officials

The U.S. – China Governors Forum, scheduled for July 15-17, 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah, is set to include one-on-one pairing of U.S. Governors with Chinese provincial party secretaries and Governors. The pairings, called “peer-to-peer exchanges,” aim to “strengthen bilateral cooperation.” Topics are to include items of “mutual interest,” i. e. “job creation, education, health and economic cooperation.” Continue reading

Are you Grassroots or Grasstops?

Are you a Grassroots or a Grasstop? Which one cannot live without the other? If you remove the tops, will the roots do better or worse? Wordspy takes a look at the word origin and gives a great deal of insight in the process! Click here for complete article! [Editor’s note: Special thanks to Jai … Continue reading

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