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Stop Health Care Reform Legislation — OK-SAFE Tells Reps Why!

Amanda Teegarden from OK-SAFE to ____________________________________________________ Joint Legislative Committee on 11-03-11 Health Care Reform — IT, Security, Privacy Issues/Concerns In the beginning of the presentation, Amanda made the critical point, “He did not give man dominion over man….” The powerpoint presentation is available on scribd for reference and for sharing in it’s entirety. There is a link below … Continue reading

Wisconsin is not alone — Grassroots in Nebraska Group Stands up for Taxpayer!

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe Feb 25th: My guess is that every state in the union has this problem. We will all be forced to address the issue of ‘us’ taxpayer’s being held hostage at the public trough. History says it cannot go on forever . We must address the problems now and get our fiscal houses in order from city to county to state to federal levels. It will take all of us just saying NO over and over and over again.

We cannot spend more that we take in and the printing presses in continuous motion mean the money in circulation will soon be worthless.

R3publicans will find Grassroots in Nebraska articles well researched and documented for you to do further research easily. Please educate yourself and share as you deem appropriate!
Continue reading

Immigration: A State or Federal Issue?

The Arizona controversy has resulted in a debate over immigration and legislation dealing with issue in other states. Questions arise about jurisdiction, birthright citizenship and state sovereignty. What does the Constitution say and what is the history of the issue? Continue reading

GiN: A Merry Christmas at American Airports?

Visit Grassroots in Nebraska to see the videos and be aware this topic is edgy so the humor is as well — viewer discretion recommended. We guarantee a laugh at the parody. We suspect you will also shed a tear over the continuing loss of freedom at our own expense in time and human dignity too. Continue reading

Sovereignty Special! Join R3s Friday Night to Listen and Share

This Friday evening 6-8PM CST, Shelli Dawdy will be filling in as host of the Axxiom for Liberty radio show on Rule of Law Radio Network for Kaye Beach. Sitting in as her co-host for the evening will be Sandra Crosnoe.

We will be discussing the issue of state sovereignty, some of the current issues impacting its status, and ideas for additional action.

Guest Line-Up Includes: Linda Rohman from Nebraska, Amanda Teegarden of OK-SAFE, Oklahoma State Representative and Sovereignty Champion Charles Key, and a very special guest former Oklahoma Congressional District 4 Candidate and currently serving in Afghanistan National Guard Air Traffic Controller Chief RJ Harris. Continue reading

America’s Ruling Class Article Analysis and Recommendation

Andrew M. Codevilla’s article “America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution” published in The American Spectator‘s summer issue is quickly becoming well known by many. Rush Limbaugh has recommended it to listeners at least twice. Some have even called it “the Common Sense of our time”. Continue reading

Nebraska: An Evening with Gary Johnson – Coalition Event

Press release for “An Evening With Gary Johnson” and other events related to the June 18th and 19th visit to Nebraska of former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson Continue reading

Nebraska: Mark Your Calendars for An Evening With Gary Johnson June 19th

State Director of Campaign for Liberty, Laura Ebke, is also the Chair of the Nebraska Republican Liberty Caucus.  The RLC is comprised of members of the Party whose mission is to serve as the conscience of the party. Grassroots in Nebraska has been working on a number of efforts recently with Laura’s Campaign for Liberty … Continue reading

Charles Key: Champion of the People and Hero for State Sovereignty!

Click on pic to read the rest of the original story! Rep. Key introduced a resolution in 2008 in the Oklahoma State legislature with the intent of centering legislative debate on a Constitutional basis. The resolution was a simple reiteration of principles articulated in the Constitution regarding the role of the federal government in relation … Continue reading

Lincoln Tax Day Tea Party – April 15th at Capitol

Lincoln Tax Day Tea Party – April 15th at Capitol

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The State Capitol

1445 K St.

North Plaza / Steps

6:30pm – 8:30pm Continue reading


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