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Grassroots in Michigan: A Call to Michigan Activists

“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” Josef Stalin“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams Continue reading

Blood Money a Documentary of Death

Special thanks to Joan Fabiano for the work she is doing in Grassroots in Michigan!  Here is a feature post from her blog about a new documentary coming out on Planned Parenthood and the Abortion industry.

If you must do Halloween then here’s an idea for you~

CLC on Blog Talk Radio Tonight – Sotomayor hearings and Strikeday proposal

Join Sandra Crosnoe and Shelli Dawdy on Blog Talk Radio this evening on The Constitutional Liberty Coalition Gets Grizzly as we discuss the status of the Sotomayor hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee and consider a Strikeday proposal from Robert Drobot of San Jose. Also, we will get a brief update on the status of … Continue reading

The CLC Gets Grizzly – Join us on Tuesday nights!

[Editor’s note: Archived shows are available and links will be posted soon here, but until then you can find the show archives by dates. Archives (links soon) CLC 07/07/09 on Grassroots Teaparties and Cap & Trade Issue (guests include CLC member Joan Fabioano of Lansing Michigan and others) / CLC 07/01/09 on Grassroots (guest Kaye … Continue reading


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