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A Christmas Blessing that will keep on Giving for our Soldiers Overseas

***Of course, prayers are always most welcomed and appreciated ***

The best part of Christmas is blessing others and this is something that can be done now and later too. It will keep on giving to those serving our country throughout the year! Continue reading

Let ‘Freedom Watch’ Ring for R3publicans!

Sandra Crosnoe Found a Gem and agrees that Judge Andrew Napolitano’s FOX Business program “Freedom Watch” is nothing short of revolutionary. Southern Avenger says to let ‘Freedom Watch’ ring! Youtube linked.
Continue reading

Must See Video of FBN’s #1 Napalitano in Utah on Origin of Rights

This is a most excellent presentation from Judge Napolitano on natural law, history, and unalienable rights following a brief intro from Glenn Beck. Freedom Watch is now the #1 Show on Fox Business Network as reported by the Daily Paul Liberty Forum here and according to Glenn Beck in the first few seconds of this … Continue reading

Social Networking at Midwest Liberty Fest

Slide07 – Blog – Wordpress Continue reading

Freedom Watch with RJ Harris and more — outstanding show!

FreedomWatch 28 (for all six segments – you may prefer to watch here because it goes automatically from segment to segment / will fix our link above to do that if someone can tell me how!) Ron Paul is in the first segment (recaps birthday bash!) RJ Harris is in second and third segments (Constitution … Continue reading

Freedom Watch 22 w/ Ron Paul, Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, more

Part 1 of 6 Freedom Watch 22 on 07/08/09 with Judge Andrew Napolitano and guests Ron Paul on status of Audit the Fed bill in Part 1

Specter admits he’s a Democrat – enough said?

Any other ‘Republicans’ want to make an announcement so we can do some more party housecleaning and rebranding?  The old RINO problem has cost us too much for too long.  Republicans Restoring the Republic are here now to empower Middle America.  We represent Constitutionalists. If you believe “that all men are created equal, that they … Continue reading

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