Let ‘Freedom Watch’ Ring for R3publicans!

I Found a little Gem for you and am hoping that R3publicans will share not only the video but also promote Freedom Watch and engage in the most important debate of our time.  Will the Republican party embrace the concept of less government; constitutionally limited moral government?  Will we become a part of the solution or disappear into oblivion.  It will take moral courage and backbone because of the failure of so many to do so over recent decades.  However,  we will have lots of opportunities to model with our lives and our standards in our homes and our communities as we go forward.  The debate must continue and people must make difficult lifestyle choices as our nation moves into bankruptcy (or actually admits that we as a nation are already there).  People like Southern Avenger are trumpets in our time and sounding the alarm.  Judge Andrew Napolitano is facilitating the debate and giving leaders a place to go head to head on the important matters facing the nation.

Yes, he is ready for prime time!

For Life and Liberty
Sandra Crosnoe

dated August 19, 2010 – 5.33 mins and 6,591 views at time of posting

Judge Andrew Napolitano’s FOX Business program “Freedom Watch” is nothing short of revolutionary.  Southern Avenger says to let ‘Freedom Watch’ ring:

Denouncing libertarianism as not true conservatism is like saying The Rolling Stones somehow dethroned Elvis Presley. There’s no questioning that both acts sound very different-there’s also no questioning that both are rock n’ roll personified. The philosophies of libertarianism and conservatism are no doubt particular and distinct, as the loudest voices for each will eternally argue; but both brands have also been virtually inseparable in the history of American conservatism. Perhaps Ronald Reagan said it best in 1975: “I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism… The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority or more individual freedom and this is a pretty general description also of what libertarianism is.”

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Must See Video of FBN’s #1 Napalitano in Utah on Origin of Rights

This is a most excellent presentation from Judge Napolitano on natural law, history, and unalienable rights following a brief intro from Glenn Beck. Freedom Watch is now the #1 Show on Fox Business Network as reported by the Daily Paul Liberty Forum here and according to Glenn Beck in the first few seconds of this video on theRightScoop.

The video is 31:30 minutes and well worth the time investment. The Judge brilliantly answers the age old question “Where does freedom come from?” and articulates well the debate that ensues from that dialogue – limited government vs big government!

Click on pic to visit tRS and watch the video!

‘Ron Paul is Awesome’@Daily Paul says “Watch the whole video though. Phenomenal speech by The Judge. Starts off slow but he gets totally fired up by the end. Good to see him educating the masses about the evils of the Patriot Act too.”

In closing Judge Napolitano says “On the 17th of July in the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Ten, thousands of people who are the salt of the earth assembled in a beautiful arena in Salt Lake City Utah to celebrate the meaning of history and understanding of human freedom.  Five years from now will there be anything worth celebrating? [pause] The answer is YES! In the long history of the world [applause] in the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its maxim hour of danger.  You are that generation!  That is your role, this is that moment.  Thank you and God bless you!” [could not see the crowd, but suspect a standing ovation followed]

Don’t miss this video!

Social Networking at Midwest Liberty Fest

As I am preparing for the event,  I thought that I’d give everyone a little sneak preview of our Social Networking Workshop at the Midwest Liberty Fest this weekend.  It will be in Du Quoin Illinois  October 9-11 and it should be full of fun and strategic information for the liberty movement too.  The complete schedule and speakers and lots of other information is on the #MWLF web site.  There will be debates and bands and truly something for everyone – so be there if you can for all or part of it.  Tickets are grassroots style for a donation of $20 for the entire weekend – you really cannot beat a deal like that anywhere that I know of.

Slide01 - Social NetworkingShelly Roche is planning to join me as we share about social networking on both Friday 2PM and Saturday 4PM (possibly earlier) and Sunday (available for questions for sure – another workshop if enough interest).  We will hold two sessions on Friday back to back with the first one having an emphasis on Twitter at 2PM and the second one having an emphasis on Blogging at 3PM.

Special - Blog - BytstyleTV

About ByteStyle

Shelly Roche is a regular guest on Freedom Watch w/ Judge Nap, Peter Schiff & Ron Paul.  She founded Plenticulture, a pretty sweet tech + sustainable ag enterprise.

Slide07 - Blog - WordPress

We’ll briefly cover lots of different types of blogs – WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Ning and talk about the pros and cons of different types.

Slide11 - Twitter Sample

We’ll talk about twitter and what you can do to optimize it and connect it with other platforms like facebook and friendfeed.  We’ll demo skype and its chat, audio, visual capabilities for conference calls and file sharing and more!  There will be Q & A and demonstrations of the power of the network all weekend as we learn to come together under the banner of the constitution for life and liberty for all. Come be a part of it all!


Join us at Midwest Liberty Fest this weekend!

Shelly and Sandie

PS  Be sure to use #mwlf on your messages about the event and follow @MWLF too!

Specter admits he’s a Democrat – enough said?

Any other ‘Republicans’ want to make an announcement so we can do some more party housecleaning and rebranding?  The old RINO problem has cost us too much for too long.  Republicans Restoring the Republic are here now to empower Middle America.  We represent Constitutionalists. If you believe that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights” – rights that no man and certainly no government can or ever should try to take from us – then, you will find yourself welcome here!

We are moms and dads, young and old, single and married. We are called conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats.  Despite how we may be labeled, we populate parties across the spectrum. You can find us among advocates of individual freedom in The Constitution Party, Libertarians, Paleo Conservatives, within the Green Party, with those who put America first,  plain old common sense Independents and more!

Grassroots R3publicans represent Middle America.  We are regrouping and moving forward.  We don’t care what you say (because we know that some of you will lie to retain power).  We will remember what you did and we will vote accordingly.  To that end we will vote out bail-outers without any regard to party affiliation.  If you don’t understand the Constitution and don’t have enough gumption to keep your oath of office, your services are no longer required.  We will indeed ~ Remember the Bailout.

P.S.  Just for the record – we warned you about this before the vote

Remember the Bailout.org

Operation Clean House Project Coming Soon

Be sure to watch Freedom Watch this Wednesday at 2PM EST (1PM CST)