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We don’t send out a lot of email, but occasionally something warrants an email alert about an important meeting or upcoming legislation.  For daily updates we suggest linking up with @R3publicans using #R3s on twitters that we wish to share with each other.

There are also state groups currently in formation that will help you to mix and mingle with other conservatives and libertarians working to restore constitutional values to the Republican party.  We are all grassroots for limited government and more liberty too!

To sign up for R3s Oklahoma Email Alerts:

R3s OK Newsletter


To sign up for R3s Texas Email Alerts:

R3s Texas Newsletter


To sign up for R3s Email Alerts for All Other States:

R3publican Newsletter – Subscribe

(For this last one for all other states, please enter your name in the format Name/ST so that we will have your name/state on file in case we ever want to use this particular file for more state specific information)

NOTE:  You are welcome to sign up for one, two, or all three lists.  You may subscribe/unsubscribe any time.  If you sign up for multiple lists, you could on occasion receive duplicate emails, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you will just share it with a friend or hit the old delete key.  You will have to email verify your subscription so be sure to check for it and click and verify your subscription when received.


3 thoughts on “Email

  1. I am Republican. I am an American and what Obama and his crimminals are doing to this country is against the law.

    The reason I am writing to you is the many electronic phone calls I have recieved from various Republicans running for office. Believe me, I’m going to vote for you but weekends are the only time I have to rest and recoup. These electronic calls are driving me nuts. PLEASE stop them.

    1. Hi Al,

      Just for the record, R3publicans as a group, are not involve in any electronic phone calling thus we have no ability to stop them. Nor would I if I could because freedom requires personal responsibility. I would suggest you advise the caller when the call is received and put your phone on the no call list too.

      Here is Oklahoma’s No Call web site, but the exceptions won’t help your situation much:

      FYI, i appreciate the calls as long as they tell me who is calling! I don’t like those that are actually polling for a specific candidate and try to look/sound generic and twist the results to fit ‘their’ agenda, nothing new in politics though – LOL.

      So we must all be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.

      Sandra Crosnoe for

      ps Don’t know if you are in Oklahoma for sure, but there is similar information available online for other states here as well: http://www.donotcallprotection.com/state_do_not_call_list_signup.shtml

      cc: Matt Pinnell, Oklahoma Republican State Chair

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