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Special Oklahoma Republican Primary 2014

Washington County Grassroots Sample Flyer


This is a flyer I created.  It is not endorsed by any candidate so if you like it and can make some version of it work in your area, please feel free to do so. Candidates do not usually like to have their campaigns linked and I understand that, but I am only going to hand out so many flyers and to so many people, so mine are going to have my favorites – make yours have your favorites!

Make your own, walk the talk, make friends, and have fun along the way. Let’s get the conversation spinning about less government and more freedom!

Washington County Grassroots Sample Flyer by Sandra Crosnoe

Here is a graphic version of the flyer:

Washington County Grassroots Sample Flyer Here is the raw link to the document on scribd: http://www.scribd.com/doc/223963156/Washington-County-Grassroots-Sample-Flyer (copy and paste this link into your browser window as needed). The document is available there in pdf format. It is in color, but works well in black and white print format also.

Download * Print * Share * Adapt for your area

Also available on R3publicans website  here.

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