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Alert 120204: Tulsa County Precinct Meetings in Various Times/Locations – Saturday Feb 4th / Washington County – Tuesday Feb 7th

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Most meetings around the state will be held on Feb 6th.  Check with your county chair for details.  Two exceptions are Tulsa County and Washington County.
Tulsa County GOP’s last email had the following information  (hope you got your copy last week!):

Precinct leaders have been busy preparing for the 2012 Precinct Caucus meetings.  This is an important year for Republicans as we continue to take many seats across our nation on city, county, state and national levels.
This year we MUST get out the votes to remove President Obama from office.  Four more years of his failed leadership will ruin this nation.
The precinct caucus is where it all begins.  To become a voting delegate at the county, district and state conventions you must be listed as a delegate from your precinct.
Click here to view a copy of the precinct caucus meeting locations as submitted through Sunday evening.  If your precinct does not have a location listed contact your precinct chairman.  If your precinct does not have any leadership please consider volunteering to lead the caucus in your precinct.
Click here to review a list of precincts without any leadership.  These precincts do not have a caucus planned.
Click here to view a map of the new precinct boundaries.

Tulsa Co GOP Home Page  (for more information)

If your precinct is vacant and you hold a meeting — be sure to submit your paperwork to the Tulsa County GOP HQ timely!

Here is a copy of the required paperwork  (and be sure to keep a copy of what you file with the Tulsa County GOP HQ).

Here is a copy of some resolutions for you to consider presenting and discussing in your precinct meetings (suggest you take multiple copies to your meetings and file any resolutions passed/declined with your paperwork filed with the HQ:

OKGrassroots Sample Resolutions for Precinct Meetings — Debate and Educate! | Grassroots in Oklahoma

Neighboring Washington County Meeting information is posted with links to party platform and rules included here:

Getting Ready for our Precinct Meetings! Here is the Oklahoma Republican Party Platform and Rules for Easy Reference « Finding Gems & Sharing Them

File all paperwork timely for  Tulsa County with the Tulsa County Republican Party here:

Tulsa County Republican Party
2816 East 51st StreetSuite 100
Tulsa, OK 74105918-627-5702
918-641-5727 (fax)

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