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Alert 120515: Jordan Page Concerts in Texas, Primary Elections May 29th, and Texas GOP Convention in Fort Worth June 7-9

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Jordan Page will be in Texas in several cities in May. Don’t miss an opportunity to hear the ‘muse of the movement’. Jordan’s songs will thrill your heart and challenge your thinking and encourage your soul.  

May 18 Houston

May 19 -20 Austin 

Revelushun Records More Info 

2012 RPT State Convention in
Fort Worth

June 7, 2012 – June 9, 2012

The 2012 RPT State Convention has been scheduled for June 7-9 in Fort Worth, TX at the Fort Worth Convention Center. More details will be forthcoming in upcoming weeks and months. For any specific questions on the convention process, please visit http://www.texasgop.org/about-the-party or contact RPT at 512-477-9821.


Dear Friends,

I am distributing this letter in support of Jennifer Hall, current chair of the Tarrant County Republican Party. Jennifer was elected in December of 2011 by the TCGOP Executive Committee to fill the unexpired term of the former chair who resigned to seek other office. I am asking for you to support Jennifer as she seeks re-election in the Republican Primary on May 29th.

When Jennifer ran in December, she promised to rebuild the TCGOP organization and involve the Precinct Chairs and other volunteers more in the operations of the party. No one could have guessed at that time all the unique challenges that would spring up this election season, but Jennifer has approached all of them exactly the way she said she would. She has worked together with the Precinct Chairs and other area Republicans to overcome those challenges and build a stronger party that is capable of ensuring that Tarrant County stays Republican.

• Jennifer worked with one of the area Republican clubs to take over administration of the 2012 Tarrant County Straw Poll, which was very successful at introducing voters to their Republican candidates and raised thousands of dollars for the local party.

• Jennifer brought together our local Republican Party of Texas leadership and other activists to revive the annual Lincoln Day Dinner fundraiser, and together they got things back on track and had a sold-out, very successful event that raised around $40,000.

• When Jennifer took office the county party was in debt. After less than 5 months in office, even with the unique challenges of this election season, we are out of debt and have over $45,000 in our accounts. Steve Munisteri, our State Party Chair, recently told Jennifer that we likely have more in our accounts than any other county party in Texas.

• Redistricting fights brought chaos and delays to our elections this year and eventually threatened the very process by which we organize our local and state party. It also impacted how we elect our delegates to the Republican Party of Texas State Convention. Jennifer led a group of local volunteers to Austin where she pushed the Republican Party of Texas not to allow the courts to destroy our process. Because of her insistence Tarrant County was able to continue to organize the way we know is best. Despite being told it was impossible by many, we were successful enough other counties came to us for guidance, and we demonstrated why Tarrant County has remained a red county while other urban counties have not.

• Jennifer recently hired a full-time Executive Director from among our volunteer Precinct Chairs, filling a position that had been vacant for many months.

Although elected by the voters, County Chair is a volunteer position, and Jennifer is the only candidate in this race who has committed since the beginning to do the work full time. The unique challenges of this election season will continue to demand a County Chair who will take the job seriously and work to bring together all local activists and volunteers to do what we know is needed to win. Jennifer has done that since the day she was elected. Please help by donating to keep Jennifer Hall as County Chair.

For those in Tarrant County, early voting begins May 14th and continues through May 25th. Election day is May 29th.

Thank you,

Sandra Crosnoe for Texas R3publican friends in Tarrant County

Political Ad Paid for by Jennifer Hall Campaign, Treasurer Darl Easton.

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Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for R3publicans

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