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Alert 100610: Letter to Oklahoma GOP

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June 10 2010


Dear GOP Friends and Leaders,

It seems that one would step down as state chair in order to run for a state office and I have heard that there will be a conference call with GOP county chairs this week.  GOP leaders around the state should be discussing who would be good to fill this roll until an election by delegates can properly occur.  The State Executive Committee will potentially hold an interim election.  You should be letting your county chair know who you think would be someone appropriate to fill this slot.  Whoever fills the slot in the ‘interim’ will have an advantage at the next convention.  Please surround the matter with prayer and appropriate action as we vet leaders who will insist on fairness and following the party rules in matters ahead of us.  We have a lot of work to do and must bring the GOP team together to get back to limited constitutional government.


Here is part of the article from TulsaWorld that makes the announcement for reference:

Two file to unseat Democratic Oklahoma state auditor

By BARBARA HOBEROCK World Capitol Bureau
Published: 6/9/2010  11:03 PM
Last Modified: 6/9/2010  11:03 PM

OKLAHOMA CITY — Democratic state Auditor and Inspector Steve Burrage drew two Republican opponents Wednesday as several unexpected candidates showed up on the final day of filing at the Capitol.

State Republican Party Chairman Gary Jones entered the auditor’s race late in the day. He has made two previous bids for the office.

“I will catch crooks and keep people honest,” said Jones, who said he didn’t decide to run until 2:30 p.m. on the last day of the three-day filing period.

David Hanigar, who formerly worked in the state Auditor’s Office, also filed to unseat Burrage.

Gov. Brad Henry appointed Burrage in 2008 to finish the term of Democrat Jeff McMahan, who resigned amid an investigation into corruption that resulted in McMahan’s conviction on bribery and conspiracy counts.

Hanigar, a certified public accountant from Edmond, worked for the state Auditor and Inspector’s Office for 24 years, mostly on assignment to the state’s multicounty grand jury, which is overseen by the Attorney General’s Office.

He spent about one year working for Attorney General Drew Edmondson before retiring in April.

“I see the office as a job to be done, not a prize to be won,” Hanigar said.

Read more from this Tulsa World article >>> here.


For Life and Liberty,

Sandra Crosnoe

Finding Gems and Sharing Them
Constitutional Liberty Coalition

Oklahoma R3 Endorsed Candidates:

for Governor – Randy Brogdon

for CD01 – Nathan Dahm

for CD02 – Howard Houchen

for CD04 – RJ Harris

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