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Alert 100617: Nathan Dahm for Congress (Oklahoma CD01)

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When we first started this campaign, people said it couldn’t be done- a phrase that has been spoken many times throughout history. Yet it IS being done because recently we beat Sullivan by 15% in the Bixby straw poll! Nathan Dahm received 47% to Sullivan’s 32% with a crowd that Sullivan had spoken to just 2 months prior. If that isn’t sending a message that people are tired of the status quo, and ready to see a fighter like Nathan defending our liberty, then we don’t know what is!

We also received yet another endorsement, this one being from the Tulsa Beacon. The Beacon is a weekly conservative newspaper distributed throughout the Tulsa area, and we are honored to have their support and endorsement in our campaign to return our Republic to the Constitution and remove the career politician, establishment candidates. Our campaign continues to grow and we are privileged to have your support and the support of the people.

We have just 40 days until the primary and we will win with your support; your donation of $50, $250 or even $500 can help the momentum continue to gain ground and propel us further into victory on July 27th. Please help us continue to move forward by donating today.

For the People,

Nathan Dahm

PS Don’t forget about The Social Thursday June 24th at 7PM, Hors D’oeuvres will be served. There will be over $1,000 in door prizes, a Lasik Eye Surgery auction, and an iPad raffle. More info on the website!

Nathan Dahm for Congress
PO Box 2323
Broken Arrow, OK

(918) 321-0780

Paid For By Nathan Dahm For Congress.

Downloadable sharable invitation to The Social available here (invite a friend):

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