Much of the media has been obsessed recently about a putative legal action which may be brought by New York DA, Alvin Bragg, against President Donald Trump. The possible decision by a convened grand jury would be an outrageous and politically-motivated perversion of the American justice system. In a real and horrifying sense, it would represent a culmination of the movement in our collective history when the legal and court apparatus of the nation has been suborned ideologically and made a weaponized arm of one political party—the party now in power—to suppress, proscribe, and eventually imprison the titular leader of the other political party and his supporters

In short, it would represent the replication of one of the worst and most onerous characteristics of the former Communist regimes in Eastern Europe. It would be, effectively, the end of the constitutionally-prescribed separation of powers that has served as a major component in our “regime of liberty,” so carefully—and tenuously—established by the Framers.


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