We all know how bad the Covid “vaccines” are. They kill people. We also know how bad the lockdowns were. They destroyed large parts of the economy, crippled the lives of children who couldn’t see their friends, and led to many deaths of people who couldn’t get the medications they needed. Masks, which still haven’t gone away, interfere with breathing and don’t stop Covid. Given these facts, the question arises, what was the point of the whole operation? The answer is that all these measures were designed to bring us under control. Once people get used to obeying these unprecedented intrusions, they are primed for permanent dictatorship. Now brain-dead Biden and his gang of neo-con controllers are planning to do it again. Through the fake “climate change” danger, they plan to subject our entire economy to total control.

Paul Craig Roberts explains the connection between the “vaccines” and getting people used to the loss of their freedom. “How many Americans are as brave as Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley, who announced he would give up playing football before he submits to the NFL’s vaccine protocols?

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