Imagine if there was no cash. It would be impossible to hide even the smallest transaction from the government’s eyes. Something as simple as your morning trip to Starbucks wouldn’t be a secret from government officials.

The path to becoming a surveillance state regime will accelerate considerably when a digital currency is issued.

Image Credit:alengo / Getty

There has been a lot of talk about central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). The powers that be sell CBDCs on the promise of convenience and security. But in reality, they are part of a broader “war on cash” and a push to give governments even more control and power over you and me. Digital currencies could allow governments to track and even control everybody’s spending.

But some state legislators are pushing back against CBDCs and working to implement laws to protect people in their state from this excessive federal government control.

Last week, an Oklahoma House committee unanimously passed a bill that would require brick-and-mortar businesses and government agencies in the state to accept cash for payment of goods and services. The bill would protect Oklahomans from being forced to adopt a central bank digital currency (CBDC).


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