What’s becoming undeniable is that core members of the GOP party hate their base. We first saw this trend emerge during the Tea Party era. Heck, it even happened when Reagan, a populist, became president. The big question is why this is so.

Josh Hammer wrote a compelling piece, which I recommend, describing and detailing this phenomenon, but he doesn’t address the why of it. One would think that, to retain power, the old guard would begin to reflect its base’s interests, yet it doesn’t.

I suggest that this failure is because the GOP is no longer conservative in the sense of being pro-Constitution, pro-free market and, most important, pro-American. Instead, establishment Republicans are ideologically oriented to the same agenda that powers the Democrat power, a toxic soup of globalism, socialism, and nihilism, all of which emerge as anti-religious policies, obeisance to “diversity, equity, and inclusion” and “critical race theory,” and a complete buy-in to the radical environmental theories.

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