If our proper legal inquiries & tribunals with judges, juries, where both sides present their evidences, if shown they were proper, we praise & pension them; if shown they caused deaths, we hang them!

Truck Fudeau!

This was no ‘mistake’ or ‘blunder’ or no ‘bungling’, no no no, this was deliberate, malice, scorn, malfeasance by many in government and academia and research and medical doctors and public health officials and technocrats etc. Many also not named here. But you get the picture. This was intentional, they knew at each step what they were doing, and they thought they could get away with it. They did not bargain for the likes of me!

I will be relentless now 2023 onwards, I was just doing some warmup. The gloves are coming off now!

I want each of the Dirty Dozen prosecuted legally and properly using all the rights conferred on both sides in a good governance society. You Dirty Dozen helped kill our parents and grand-parents, you filthy animals! With your lies and deceit and misinformation and deadly policies, your lockdown lunacy! Our loved ones died because you denied safe and effective and cheap early treatment (Zelenko, McCullough, Kory, Marik, Fareed, Tyson, Ladapo et al. treatment algorithms), you doctors refused to care for your patients using safe and effective early treatments and you caused deaths of so many. Hundreds of thousands in the US alone. How could you doctors do this? Was it money you got? How could you partake in the denial of early treatments and the lies about inferior natural immunity and push this fraud COVID gene injection? How? You doctors and clinicians must be investigated too.

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