Politics is a struggle between the Right and the Left. Those of us on the Right know what we are against. We oppose the war-mongering policies of brain-dead Biden and the neocon gang who control him. We oppose Fauci’s criminal Covid dictatorship. If you really strike at the Left where they are vulnerable, as we try to do at LRC, then you are branded an “extremist.” But what is the essence of the Right? Is there a unifying theme that explains where we are coming from? I believe that there is. It is belief in the free market and a noninterventionist foreign policy. This was the basis of the Old Right, which flourished before World War II but was sabotaged by the CIA agent William F. Buckley, Jr. It is the basis of the policies of the greatest person to serve in Congress in the twentieth century, Dr. Ron Paul, and the movement he inaugurated. Dr. Paul put into practice the ideas of the greatest theorist of the free society, Murray Rothbard. In what follows, I’m going to discuss these ideas.

Every four years, as the November presidential election draws near, I have the same daydream: that I don’t know or care who the president of the United States is. More importantly, I don’t need to know or care. I don’t have to vote or even pay attention to debates. I can ignore all campaign commercials. There are no high stakes for my family or my country. My liberty and property are so secure that, frankly, it doesn’t matter who wins. I don’t even need to know his name.

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