Despite Democrats performing better than expected in the midterm elections just completed, two thirds of those voters do not want their leader, President Joe Biden, to run for re-election in 2024. Perhaps, by now, like nearly everyone else in the country, they know the real Joe Biden. Just who is he?

President Biden is a man of mediocre intellect who, over almost five decades in national public office, accomplished little to nothing, other than his election to federal offices and becoming rich off the federal teat and various side hustles. He is a thin-skinned, chip-on-the-shoulder, macho swaggerer who, in Tucker Carlson phrase, "kisses up and spits down." He is a prevaricator, plagiarist, teller-of-tall-tales narcissist who has no respect for the truth, only narratives that advance his interests or portray him favorably. If not a racist, he see only through the lens of race and panders, prejudges, or pounces accordingly. Finally, when it comes to young children and women, he just cannot, as my mother use to put it, keep his hands to himself; he may be guilty of much, much worse.


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