Today’s we-now-live-in-a-3rd-world-dictatorship news from the Biden administration is Merrick Garland’s breathtaking announcement that he has named a special counsel to conduct a criminal investigation into Donald Trump. Given the complete absence of evidence of any wrongdoing, it’s very clear that the Democrats are terrified of Trump and that they will do anything they can to destroy his candidacy. My suspicion is that this will backfire and, instead, solidify Trump’s support.

When Biden was asked about Trump’s plan to run again for president, there were lots of standard things he could have said, such as saying that he looks forward to a hard-fought campaign or that he doesn’t think Trump can win or that the American people won’t stand for yet another Trump term in office. Biden, however, said none of those things. Instead, Biden said something bizarre and fundamentally un-American: “Well, we just have to demonstrate that he will not take power by—if we—if he does run. I’m making sure he, under legitimate efforts of our Constitution, does not become the next President again.”


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