Many Americans are easily intimidated and let the presstitutes control their beliefs. But Trump supporters are not easily intimidated. This is why Democrats hate them and demonize them as “Trump Deplorables,” “white supremacists,” and “domestic terrorists.” Democrats are determined to stamp into the ground those Americans whose belief they cannot control..

In this interview with Rep. Marjorie Greene, Alex Jones shows news clip after news clip of the presstitutes declaring, as if it were a fact, that it is normal for elections to take days to count the votes. This is a blatant lie. All my life, until recent Democrat “reforms” and Diebold electronic machines that can be programmed to count votes differently from how they are cast, the election vote was known by the time you went to bed and if not by then by the next morning.

The reason Democrats take days to count votes is that they are constantly estimating how many fraudulent votes they need to offset the Republican candidate’s lead, The Democrats know that they cannot have a landslide win, so they have to run the fraudulent votes in in tranches. When the Republican vote is too large to overcome this way, they have to lose some of the votes as they did in Arizona by mixing uncounted votes with counted votes.


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