Posted by Ada Coddington

Just yesterday it was reported that Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was attacked by a hammer-wielding intruder at their San Francisco residence.

Paul suffered a fractured skull and other injuries but is expected to fully recover.

Police investigating the attack say that a motive had not been fully determined.

But that didn’t stop the Democrats and their media lackeys from baselessly claiming that the attack was politically motivated.

President Biden described the attack as “despicable” and denounced a corrosive political climate for contributing to violence.7_233_9.gif

Messages from across the political spectrum flowed wishing Paul Pelosi a speedy recovery.

Among the well-wishers was Senator Rand Paul

It has to be remembered that when Senator Paul was assaulted by his neighbor, Christine Pelosi, the daughter of Paul and Nancy Pelosi had approved of the violence over Twitter.


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