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Militant defenders of Ukraine might be surprised by the country’s anti-democratic tendencies.


U.S. leaders have amassed a long track record of deception about Washington’s international objectives and the nature of U.S. foreign clients. Modest or even minor threats and disruptions became supposed existential threats to America’s security, as well as threats to regional or world order, in Washington’s overwrought propaganda narratives. In addition, multiple administrations routinely whitewashed the record of authoritarian foreign clients. Thus, autocrats such as Nicaragua’s Anastasio Somoza Debayle, Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, and ugly extremists, such as Syria’s Sunni Jihadists, all became honorary members of the “Free World.”

Both components are present in Washington’s current campaign of disinformation with respect to the Ukraine war. Two deceptive arguments in U.S. propaganda are so egregious that they stand out as gigantic whoppers. The first whopper is that Russia’s war against Ukraine was entirely unprovoked; nothing Ukraine, the United States, or NATO did, this story goes, threatened Russia or contributed in the slightest to the current bloody tragedy. The second whopper is that Ukraine is a liberal democratic country whose mere existence as a model in Russia’s neighborhood terrifies Vladimir Putin and his inner circle of authoritarian oligarchs.


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