Posted by Ada Coddington

I never expected anything to come out of Special Council John Durham’s “investigation” of Russiagate, the attempt by the CIA, FBI, and Democrat Party to frame President Trump as a Russian agent, and nothing has come out of it.

I didn’t expect anything to come out of the “investigation” because the Establishment is opposed to Trump and most certainly will not permit an investigation that would bring out the truth. The vindication of Trump is the last thing that will come out of Washington. As the Establishment controls the appointment of special prosecutors, it was obvious that nothing would come of Durham’s “investigation.”

And there were other indications. When Durham was appointed, stories were planted on the presstitutes about what a bulldog he is and that all involved in the plot against Trump were in peril. As a person who spent 25 years in Washington, this was a dead giveaway. If Durham were a bulldog, there would be no need of press releases to tell us.


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