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Posted by Ada Coddington

During the last year or more, nearly all our mainstream media outlets have regularly ridiculed and denounced China for its stubborn adherence to a “Zero Covid” policy. Whereas most of the West has chosen to “live with Covid,” China has worked to immediately stamp out any pinprick viral outbreaks through an increasingly burdensome regime of regular testing and swift lockdowns. But a new development now suggests that the Chinese approach may not have been as completely irrational as our media had claimed.

As most people know, the Omicron strain of Covid is extremely contagious but also very mild, and its rapid spread has been one of the major reasons for the sharp decline in Covid deaths worldwide. Even the earlier strains of Covid were only moderately lethal, with most estimates placing the fatality rate at 1% or less.

However, according to a new article in Britain’s Daily Mail, scientific curiosity led academic researchers at Boston University to combine Omicron’s spike protein with the remainder of the original Wuhan virus. The first few sentences tell the story.

read more at https://www.unz.com/runz/covid-and-the-death-of-billions/

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