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We all know, to our cost, how the enemies of humanity used the so-called covid “pandemic” to try to destroy us. They imposed draconian shutdowns on the economy, pressured and in many cases ordered us to take killer vaccines and blocked young people from the contact with their friends they need to grow up properly. Some people, such as the monster “Dr.” Anthony Fauci, would like to shut us down again. See the great book on him by Robert Kennedy Jr, The Real Anthony Fauci, and my review of it here.

But the situation is even worse than we thought. Michael Rectenwald has written a brilliant new book, The Great Reset and the Struggle for Liberty: Unraveling the Global Agenda, and in it he shows how the anti-human plotted to use a pandemic to impose totalitarianism on us. I’m going to talk about some of his findings, and then combine this with evidence that the “pandemic” was made in America. The implication of this is mind-blowing.

Rectenwald first identifies a person and the group he founded behind the “Great Reset.” The person is Klaus Schwab and the group is his World Economic Forum. Here is what Rectenwald says; ““The Great Reset means, at the very least, reduced standards of living and carbon use for the vast majority. But Schwab and the WEF also define the Great Reset in terms of the convergence of economic, monetary, technological, medical, genomic, environmental, military, and governance systems. The Great Reset involves vast transformations in each of these domains, changes which, according to Schwab, will not only alter our world but also lead us to ‘question what it means to be human.’ In terms of economics and monetary policy, the Great Reset amounts to a great consolidation of wealth, on the one hand, and the planned issuance of universal basic income (UBI) on the other.


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