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Immediately after the 9/11 attacks, interventionists supported an invasion of Afghanistan.

Never mind that the federal government produced no evidence of complicity of the Taliban government in the attacks.

Never mind that there was no congressional declaration of war against Afghanistan, as the Constitution requires.

Never mind that Afghanistan had been legally justified in refusing President Bush’s unconditional extradition demand for Osama bin Laden to be turned over to the Pentagon and the CIA, given that there was no extradition treaty between Afghanistan and the United States.

Never mind all that. All that mattered, U.S. officials and interventionists claimed, was that the U.S. government had to display a “robust” response to the 9/11 attacks, which meant invading Afghanistan, wreaking massive amounts of death and destruction in that country, and then soon thereafter doing the same thing to the people of Iraq.

read more at https://www.fff.org/2022/09/14/the-unnecessary-war-on-terrorism/

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