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Posted by Ada Coddington

The FBI shocked America this week by raiding Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. This unprecedented move astonished Republicans and conservatives and united them behind Trump. Even the average Fox News Talking Head sees the raid as an outrageous abuse of power [Supporters, GOP lawmakers rally behind Trump amid FBI search, CBS News, August 1 0, 2022]. But Trump is not the only victim of America’s ongoing communist coup. The Biden Regime increasingly uses its legal powers at the bidding of its hysterical coalition of activists, who demand that it imprison their enemies. American patriots must wake to the danger posed by the communists’ control of the Department of Justice.

read more at https://www.unz.com/article/inmates-are-running-the-democrat-asylum-and-they-want-to-criminalize-all-opposition-not-just-trump/

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