Posted by Ada Coddington

What do you do when you hear about a US F-18 Super Hornet getting blown off a carrier by the wind? Naturally it got me wondering about a shortage of tiedowns, you know, because of the COVID global supply chain collapse.

Just kidding! Pretty sure that wasn’t it; maybe the Navy is just being creative about getting rid of them. It is – as we are seeing with domestic transportation infrastructure and power grid reliability, “explosions” on the nearly empty Hoover Dam, and a massive number of food industry mishaps, among other things – a sign that the US is, shall we say, changing.

“Revealing” is a better word than “changing.” Americans, and those who study the United States, are starting to see all the things that are really not there. We are getting glimpses into the nature of the massive empire, domestic and international, and its fascistic international political leadership – and when we look closer we see it is hollow, inverted, vacant and empty.United


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